Transit of Venus – Three Days Grace

‘Transit of Venus’ introduces us back to Three Days Grace. A band filled with a lot of angst all lovingly expressed in their many songs. My first introduction to the band was with their second album ‘One-X’, which after hearing their first and third albums, could easily be described as their strongest album. With this album, Three Days Grace delve straight into the heart of a harder style of music. As an album, ‘Transit of Venus’ could be described as actually a pretty good album. It is certainly an improvement on their previous album ‘Life Starts Now’, which for me personally just fell flat as an album.

On ‘Transit of Venus’, we see Three Days Grace returning with what could be described as some very good songs. There’s some great moments on the album, a sort of return to the angst that ‘Life Stars Now’ didn’t so easily capture. It makes for an enjoyable album, and it can’t be denied that Three Days Grace as a band have certainly tried to write a good album. There isn’t laziness here like you get with some other artists. (And I don’t mean that they didn’t put effort into their last album). What I mean is that their effort and workmanship has paid off this time.

Highlights on the album include the opening ‘Sign of the Times’, which begins in a more ambient way, before opening up to a barrage of guitar, bass and drums. It is a strong opening for the album, and certainly introduces the album better than any other song on the album could. ‘The High Road’ as a song is interesting, as it isn’t the heaviest song they’ve written, but it certainly sticks as a song to remember. It’s like it’s holding back a bit more, to allow the lyrics to hit more instead of the music. ‘Broken Glass’ has moments that could be as memorable as some of their songs from ‘One-X’, and is certainly one of the better tracks on the record.

In conclusion, ‘Transit of Venus’ is a good album. It isn’t a great album, but it is good nonetheless. There are some moments when the music starts to become a bit dull and monotonous. On certain songs, you can’t help but think could the song end already? But then more often than not it is followed by a very strong song, which sort of negates the effect of the negative songs. I think Three Days Grace have done very well with this album and that their effort has certainly paid off.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Sign Of The Times
  • Chalk Outline
  • The High Road
  • Broken Glass
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