Invincible – Lemar

‘Invincible’ is the fifth-studio album by singer Lemar. On this album we hear Lemar trying to reach new heights, singing songs about love and loss and what-else. The album consists of a small range of RnB and Pop, and at times a bit of Soul. ‘Invicible’ is at times, rather typical, the kind of album you’d expect from anyone working within this genre. Sometimes, I can’t help but feel that it’s a little formulaic. But then there’s moments that convince me otherwise…

With ‘Invincible’ there’s a clear flow to the album, with Lemar singing to the best of his abilities. Each song seems to have typical lyrics and themes about love, which is a highly common category for anyone to sing about. It is ever-so slightly disappointing to see that an artist as capable as Lemar can’t find anything else to sing about, but this is an easily forgiveable thing to do. The lyrics work with their presentation on the album, all accompanying various songs that are either bouncy or solemn.

There is a nice diversity on the album. For the most part, the album is quite up-beat, with songs having quite a happy atmosphere to them. It actually makes for a quite enjoyable album, that is nice to listen too. The album is divided up by some more dramatic songs, which are much darker in their tone and presentation, but it soon returns to the more calmer atmosphere. Certain songs like ‘Merry Go Round’ are just enjoyable, and I feel that you cannot help but smile at ‘Into The Night Sky’ (Feat. Shaugnessy), which has a light acoustic instrumental running through it that makes it quite a happy song.

Overall the album is a fairly good album. In terms of it’s subject matter and presentation, it is highly formulaic, and it won’t offer up anything that hasn’t been heard before in some form or another. But that being said there are still some good songs on the album, and it is quite enjoyable to listen too. It is also a bonus to actually hear someone sing about something that is nice for a change. It gives the album a feeling of celebration, and as though there’s a reason to be happy. It’s not perfect as an album, but it is enjoyable.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Invincible
  • Can’t Let Go
  • Into The Night Sky (Feat. Shaugnessy)
  • The One Who Saves You
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