Piramida – Efterklang

‘Piramida’ is the fourth-studio album by Dannish band Efterklang. Moving on from what they’ve learnt from their previous albums, Efterkland have used all their knowledge and talent to produce what is an incredibly satisfying and rewarding album. The music on this album is very well thought out and developed, giving an idea of a band who truly understand their capabilities as a band.

There is a very chilled atmosphere on the album. It almost feels winter-ey, like standing in the middle of a snow-covered forest. It’s just the personal image that is conjured up in my head, and it is almost comforting. There’s warmth in the vocals and some of the instrumentation, but for the most part it is a pleasantly chilled out album.

Though many songs on the album are great, the one that really stands out in particular is ‘Sedna’, a 4 minute track that flows in and around ambient instrumentals, and is accompanied by a lower-register of vocal. The track opens up with a choral vocal, joined in with the beginnings of the ambience that helps make up the track. It’s wonderfully chilled out and relaxing, and is easily one of the best tracks that Efterklang have produced so far.

Piramida could be hailed as one of Efterklang’s most greatest achievements. It is easily their most mature and best sounding of all their albums, and it perfectely demonstrates the band’s capabilities now that they’ve matured as a band. Is it one of the best albums of this year? Perhaps it isn’t. There’s flaws there certainly enough that could still do with ironing out. But there’s less flaws than before, and the band are certainly learning how to overcome any problem they come across. It certainly does come close to being one of the best albums of this year though, don’t get me wrong.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Sedna
  • Black Summer
  • Between The Walls
  • Monument
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