These Walls Of Mine – Peter Broderick

‘These Walls Of Mine’ is the latest solo effort from Peter Broderick. A rather experimental album, it could be seen that ‘These Walls Of Mine’ is a departure from the previous releases by Broderick. The album features a lot of what is quintessentially Peter Broderick’s ‘sound‘, but it seems to be more evolved and changed.

The album features a lot more experimentation than previous efforts by Broderick. There’s a lot of new sounds, and it takes some getting used too. My first impression is that something isn’t quite right when listening to the songs. But as the album gets into itself more, it starts to make some sort of sense. It is interesting, as it makes me feel that the album is much less accessible than such others as ‘Home’ or ‘How They Are’ which were two wonderful albums. There is spoken word in many of the songs, as well as a lot of percussion and less instrumentation that what was on his previous albums. It’s very different, but there is something interesting about it. It makes the album feel like an experimental concept album, showcasing new techniques by Broderick in an effort to stray away from his previous efforts.

The album showcases a lot of spoken word in the songs, which is an interesting move considering how gentle Broderick’s voice can sound at times. Some tracks focus on the spoken word elements, giving some kind of insight into the inner-workings of Broderick’s mind, and how he thinks and also what kind of things he thinks about. It is highly experimental, and the use of spoken word is used as an experiment. It is most showcased in the two tracks ‘These Walls Of Mine I’ and ‘These Walls Of Mine II’. The first is a spoken-word version of poetry by Broderick, whilst the second is a repeat with music and percussion. In the second part, the vocals sound almost as though they are being rapped, which is accompanied by a heavy percussive beat.

Overall, I think the album is a highly interesting effort. It’s very experimental, featuring a lot of new ideas and techniques. The album though doesn’t seem to flow due to the different sounds on the album. It is a good album, but it isn’t as strong as some of Broderick’s previous works, and at times it just seems to fall flat. I love a lot of the ideas, but I think they could do with perhaps a little more refinement. It is an interesting piece of work and warrants listening, and some of these experimental ideas do work at times. There are some truly wonderful moments on the album, and they shouldn’t be overlooked at all. I just feel that the album could have done a little better if it were only refined just that little bit more.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Freyr!
  • Proposed Solution to the Mystery of the Soul
  • I Do This
  • Til Denmark
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