Glassheart – Leona Lewis

The third full-length studio album by Leona Lewis, ‘Glassheart’ has Leona doing what she does best really, whilst attempting to expand just that little bit more. As the name suggests somewhat, ‘Glassheart’ is mainly about the whole difficulty of love and what-not, trying to get on with life when that highly significant other has left your side. It’s a typical subject really, one that a lot of singers sing about. Lyrically, there is little variation on this album, with every song seeming to be either about oneself, or about that one guy who broke your heart. However, musically, there is some variation and experimentation that normally wouldn’t appear on a Leona Lewis album. There’s not a lot, to be perfectly honest, but the fact that there is some counts for something.

What is interesting about Leona Lewis is that a lot of her music is incredibly typical. They feature typical very typical instrumentation, comprised mostly of pianos and basic beats that push the songs forward at sluggish paces. The lyrics are also incredibly typical as well, being about very over-used themes. You’d struggle to find a singer or band who hasn’t sung a song about these themes, it is that common. And yet, despite all this, despite this album being filled with clichés and being completely ordinary at times, it is forgiveable, because of Leona Lewis herself. It’s Leona’s voice, that actually really makes the music, and not so much the lyrics or the instrumentation. Sure enough, they are important, and this album is lacking because of them, but it’s the vocals that are the main highlight on this album, and the main focus. Leona’s vocals have always been some of the best out there, and even though this album isn’t as strong as her others, or other albums in this field of music, her vocals still manage to reign through. They’re still strong and full of emotion, and still hitting the multitude of notes that is present in her range. They’ve always been the main focus, and it’s what make Leona so great to listen too.

That being said, this album is still lacking. There’s a small handful of songs that are good to listen too, but there’s nothing on here that is truly inspiring or amazing. It’s good at times, don’t get me wrong, and I don’t think it’ll disappoint the main hardcore fans of Leona, but there’s nothing on here that’ll make you go ‘wow‘ or anything. When Leona Lewis first came to out attention in Series.3 of ‘The X-Factor’, audiences were blown away by the sheer talent the young woman possessed. However, I feel to some extent that Leona hasn’t actually sung anything truly powerful or amazing since her time during the competition. Everything that was released following her win on the show was good, sure enough, but it was slightly lacklustre, with the impression that with such extraordinary talent, that Leona could actually do better.

In conclusion, ‘Glassheart’ is a distinctively average album. The album is comprised mostly of ballads, with some experimental ideas thrown in there just to shake it up a little. These experiments include elements of dub-step in one or two of the songs, which are interesting, but for me, it really doesn’t fit Leona’s style. There’s some good songs on the album, and it is worth listening if you are indeed a fan of Leona Lewis’s music. But I feel that to an extent that it is a poorer effort than her previous work, and that with such extraordinary talent like her, Leona could do much better. At least there’s some good songs on the album though, and that it’s not a waste of your time to listen to. At times, when the album works, it really does work, and is quite an enjoyable listening experience, but at other times it’s just too lacklustre, too basic even. It’s down to you though to decide how much you get out of the album. Personally it made quite a lack of impression on me, and I believe she can do better, by perhaps drawing on the strengths that are present on this album (and believe me, there are some strengths)

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Trouble
  • Lovebird
  • Fireflies
  • Fingerprint
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