The Burgh Island E.P. – Ben Howard

‘The Burgh Island E.P.’ is the latest release by Ben Howard, featuring four brand new songs. The E.P. could be seen as a general release of a few extra songs, for those devoted fans who can’t wait out for a full album release in a few years time. I’ve always been somewhat fond of E.P.s as it is, as they feel like little bonuses by bands we like.

As it is, ‘The Burgh Island E.P.’ is a very interesting E.P., with the music sounding more darker than that on his début album. The E.P. opens up with a track titled ‘Esmerelda’ which begins the sort of dark atmosphere that the album presents. It is interesting, and it is works well on an E.P. format, as if these tracks were embedded into the first album, they wouldn’t work so well. In this format, the four songs compliment each other, and are ordered very well. The interesting part of the E.P. is the final song ‘burgh Island’, where the darker layers seem to wash away in a more relaxing song. It is like a ray of sunlight after a daunting day, and it offers hope. It is a lovely song, and arguably one of the best tracks in Howard’s career. It is a fine way to end the E.P., and it helps to give the tracks character.

Overall, this E.P. is a very interesting addition to Ben Howard’s catalogue of music. It has a much different atmosphere than his début album, and I feel that that is one of the strengths on this E.P.. Whether or not this is the ground-work for what is to come of Ben Howard is anybody’s guess. Frankly, I don’t think this is the case, but perhaps instead, this is just an offering of the kind of music Howard can create.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Oats in the Water
  • Burgh Island
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