Black Music – Dark Horses

‘Black Music’ is the début album by the new upcoming band Dark Horses. This upcoming band seems to have come literally out of nowhere, which is surprising as ‘Black Music’ is a fairly strong album. Fronted by Lisa Elle, Dark Horses is a band with a lot to offer, sounding vaguely like what would happen if PJ Harvey ever got together with Kasabian. As the title suggests, the music on this album covers a very dark range of different styles and themes, which works well for this upcoming band.

There’s a nice balance on this album, going from sort of rock-based tracks to electronic dance-type tracks, and sometimes both at the same time. It’s a good style, and the band has worked it very well to compliment Lisa Elle’s voice. Lisa’s vocal style is almost on the subtle edge in a weird way. She doesn’t go for the airy breathless vocals that is dominating the charts today, which for me is something that is great to finally hear. Musically, the instrumentation in each song reminds me sort of what Kasabian are doing nowadays, with guitar riffs that are sometimes accompanied by almost surreal synths.  I find it interesting that comparisons could be made with Kasabian, as there is a song on this album featuring Kasabian’s lead vocalist Tom Meighan. The track “Count Me In” is a rather mellow track, that slowly builds up, and features a rather echoed style of singing from Tom Meighan. It works really well and really helps elevate the whole album as a whole. The inclusion of Meighan on the album doesn’t overshadow the talent that the whole band has, and instead he just accompanies the song, and makes it work.

I think that there’s a lot of strengths on this album. My favourite elements are when the songs favour the more rock-style of music than the more experimental and electronica style. It just feels that there’s more strength in these styles of songs, and they have more going for them than the other type of songs. It just works on the album, and I know that I’d like to hear a lot more of that style in the coming future from this band. It may also be fair to say that this album isn’t a perfect début album. Whilst strong, there’s a few problems that Dark Horses could iron out. But on the whole, there’s a lot of strengths here which does the band a lot of favours, and will really help elevate their status in the music industry.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Rose
  • Alone
  • Count Me In
  • Sanningen On Dig
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