¡Tré! – Green Day

Green Day are back, despite never leaving, and now we have the final instalment in the ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, ¡Tré! trilogy. So what does this album have to offer? Surely it departs from the fast-tempo mixture of guitar chords, bass and drums, right? Of course not. ¡Tré! is simply more of what has preceded it.  Same formulaic songs once again. The exact same bloody style that began with ¡Uno!, that didn’t change on ¡Dos! and has refused to change on ¡Tré!. It just makes me wonder what is the point of these albums?

The problem I have with this whole trilogy is that it seems that any half-arsed idea Green Day had for a song made it onto any one of the three albums. It basically leaves you with a collection of around 7 or so good songs split up onto three albums and separated by an enormous amount of filler material. These kinds of songs don’t amount to anything, and just makes me think, why are these on an album in the first place? Surely bands want to write the best songs that compliment each other, right? It just seems that Green Day thought they’d just do the easy thing, and not actually get down and try write some great material. I’ve said it before, that Green Day are perfectly capable of writing some great songs, and they have done so in the past. When people think of Green Day, there are some songs that come to mind as being some of their best, like ‘Holiday’, or ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams.’ Even ‘Basket Case’ from Dookie is a great song by Green Day. But on these three albums, it just feels like none of the songs stand out to the calibre that some of their previous works have done. Sure enough, the music could be enjoyed by some people, but it isn’t great material. Even after listening to all three albums, I am finding it impossible to think of any songs from any of the three albums that stand out as great pieces of work. They’re all uninspired and lacklustre in my opinion. Just crashing chords and bass and not a lot else…

I have little more to say on this subject. My overall opinion of the trilogy of albums is that it’s not worth it. Sure enough, some fans must be overjoyed that they’re not getting one Green Day album, but three Green Day albums. But I know, I’d have much preferred one Green Day album with 10 or so really thought out songs, that have had a lot of effort thrown into them, rather than having three albums in moderately quick succession that just have whatever garbage the trio could come up with. It’s harsh, but it’s my opinion on the matter, and I can only hope that Green Day will get their arses in gear and write something they know they can be proud of.

Album Rating:

  • ★★☆☆☆  2/5

Selected Songs:

  • Drama Queen
  • Walk Away
  • 99 Revolutions
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