Wonderful, Glorious – Eels

‘Wonderful, Glorious’, the 10th studio album by alternative-rock band Eels, is titled something that perhaps not everybody would associate with the style E has often pushed with his music. Regardless, ‘Wonderful, Glorious’ is the follow up to the experimental trilogy that began in 2009 with ‘Hombre Lobo’, and was followed up with the two 2010 albums ‘End Times’ and ‘Tomorrow Morning’. Whilst a somewhat enjoyable trilogy of albums, the music didn’t seem to live up to the strengths that some of Eels earlier albums have had. With that in mind, ‘Wonderful, Glorious’ is arguably one of the better albums that Eels have produced for quite some years.

I always get the impression from Eels that the music they produce is never about making music that is going to be highly regarded, and considered to have amazing instrumentation and what not, but instead, is about just making music. I’ve always found Eels to be a highly enjoyable band, and their music to just be fun songs that are amusing to listen to from time to time.  It’s never bad music, it’s just never outstanding music. And although this is only my opinion, I feel that it just works for Eels, and it is something that they don’t need to change.

The whole album is a great one to listen too, and is definitely one of their best since ‘Daises of the Galaxy’ or ‘Beautiful Freak’. The songs just work and just draw the listener in (if you’re a fan of the band). There’s an almost upbeat element to the music, more so than previous albums, although there is the occasional more downbeat song. As an album though it works very well, and there are few weak songs on the album.

‘Wonderful, Glorious’ in my mind is definitely one of the better albums Eels has released. Sure, it’s limited by the capabilities of the band, but at the same time, it still just works for them, and it is still an enjoyable album to listen too. I see it as an improvement from previous Eels albums, which weren’t bad albums so to speak, but rather they just weren’t as interesting in places. ‘Wonderful, Glorious’ though is very interesting as an album, and it works as an album as well, with each song working well with each other.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Bombs Away
  • Kinda Fuzzy
  • The Turnaround
  • True Original
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