Girl Who Got Away – Dido

Dido’s fourth studio album ‘Girl Who Got Away’ sees her exploring some new directions music wise, as she engages in a more electronic approach. It seems to me that whenever an artist becomes bored of their musical style, and wants to explore different types of instrumentation, they always seem to go for electronic styles. I’d argue that for every ten bands/artists who do this, only one manages to pull it off effectively.

It’s a shame really, as I’ve always found Dido to be one of a few female vocalists whose music I can enjoy from time to time. Yet, I find that on ‘Girl Who Got Away’, there’s little enjoyment in the music. Dido’s vocal talents are still present in the music, but for the most-part, it just feels a little lazy. As the album progresses I keep expecting Dido to launch into some beautiful vocals, but it just never seems to come, and as each song ends, there’s an air of disappointment. It feels like there’s a vital element missing from most of the songs, the element that makes them what I’d call a great Dido song.

The biggest disappointment for me though is the instrumentals on each of the tracks. Dido’s move into electronic is one I’d argue just hasn’t worked. Nearly every song seems to feature incredibly basic electronic beats and ambient sounds that sound just… dull. It’s not inspiring or interesting, it’s just the same basic average electronic sound that we’ve heard from many different artists before. It amazes me that Dido has even released an album that sounds like this. On some of Dido’s previous albums, she has released some brilliant songs, like ‘Here With Me’ and ‘Life For Rent’. On ‘Girl Who Got Away’ though, nothing is as brilliant as these previous tracks. Everything feels almost… lazy and clichéd.

I find it a great shame that Dido has released a record sounding this way. I applaud someone who does try new things, but it is a shame that Dido hasn’t been smarter and understood what styles work and which ones doesn’t. If she had attempted to make the instrumentals sound less like everything else we’ve heard before then perhaps I’d be more inclined to enjoy this album more. But the fact remains that this is a poor record, and one that I feel is Dido’s worst so far. It does feature the odd song or two that is enjoyable, but as an album it is just something that I find hard to enjoy.

Album Rating:

  • ★★☆☆☆  2/5

Selected Songs:

  • Sitting On The Roof Of The World
  • Happy New Year
  • The Day Before We Went To War
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5 thoughts on “Girl Who Got Away – Dido

  1. Abbi

    Is she still around? I think my flat mates made me see her in Brixton in 2004. I wanted to see Funeral for a Friend. Not sure now which is worse!

    • She’s still around, though it’s been five years since her last album. I think back in 2004, I’d have happily seen Dido, but right now, i’m just not impressed (as you might have guessed)

      Thanks for the comment and like by the way, I hope you enjoyed the review!

      • Abbi

        I think she was quite good to be fair. It was just after White Flag.

      • That was around the time I was first introduced to her. She was very good indeed. I was especially fond of ‘White Flag’, ‘Life For Rent’ and ‘Here With Me’.

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