m b v – My Bloody Valentine

The first release in over a decade by My Bloody Valentine has the band return to the shoegazing genre in fine style. Their new release ‘m b v’ features 9 new songs, all of which dive straight into the shoegazing genre that so clearly defined My Bloody Valentine in their early career. It’s an interesting album really, as the whole genre is not one that can be easily enjoyed. Categorised by often indistinguishable vocals, hidden in amongst layers of guitar effects, it’s a genre that isn’t really for the mainstream.

On ‘m b v’, there is a raw fuzziness to the music, which is to be expected really. My first impressions were that it’s interesting music, but a little odd. Despite that though, there’s something about ‘m b v’ which really draws the listener in. It’s a mesmerizing musical experience, as the music has an almost hypnotic quality to it. Hidden amongst layers of fuzzy guitar and drums are barely audible vocals that add a great sense of mystery to the songs on the album. What is interesting is how the vocals aren’t being drowned out by the music because the instrumentals are too loud. If anything, the instrumentals of the songs are as quiet as the vocals being hidden. It’s the presentation of the vocals that is quiet, which really helps to make the music incredibly interesting.

It feels as though ‘m b v’ is the come-back album that My Bloody Valentine needed to make. It certainly isn’t a disappointing work after such a long hiatus of inactivity, and if anything it is one of the best My Bloody Valentine records to have been released so far. It’s completely mesmerizing, and very creative. I should say now that I by no means find it to be a perfect album. I find that there’s a fair bit in the shoegazing genre that is at times very hard to enjoy. It is easy to see how the genre just wouldn’t appeal to everyone.

That being said though, ‘m b v’ is one of the better shoegazing albums out there, and one of the best My Bloody Valentine records to have been released thus far. It’s certainly a relief to see a band return to their musical genre in such fine style, almost as though they’d never left at all. Hopefully, with the release of ‘m b v’, there’ll be future My Bloody Valentine releases, and we won’t have to wait another decade for another album. Hopefully.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Only Tommorow
  • Is This And Yes
  • New You
  • Wonder 2
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7 thoughts on “m b v – My Bloody Valentine

  1. nickscrazyspace

    Never given this band a chance and I don’t think I ever will.

    • I can see why someone wouldn’t want to, to be honest. It’s not easily accessible music in my opinion.

      • nickscrazyspace

        Just I don’t know…their entire gimmic puts me off.

      • If it at all helps, I write these reviews just for fun, and not really as a way of telling people what they should listen to or not!

      • nickscrazyspace

        So do I. I’m just sharing my thoughts. If you’d like me to not do so then always say.

      • Oh no, I’m very happy for people to share their thoughts! By all means, don’t feel discouraged at all.

      • nickscrazyspace


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