Temper Temper – Bullet For My Valentine

The fourth studio album ‘Temper Temper’ by Welsh band Bullet For My Valentine has the band indulging in harsh heavy rock. ‘Temper Temper’ is made up of 11 new songs, all featuring heavy guitar riffs, heavy bass notes and heavy drums. The album is made up of incredibly aggressive playing styles and vocals, which of course makes up the whole genre as fans would know. Yet, there’s very little substance to this album. The album seems to shift from heavy-aggressive song to heavy-aggressive song whilst never offering anything that is interesting at all. Everything is incredibly formulaic and just typical, with the music sounding like everything else that has preceded it in the genre.

With the ‘metal’ genre, there is usually some brilliant playing of guitar, where the manic pacing and pounding drums and cymbals really drive the music forward. This is on the album, but it’s just not that interesting. It feels as though the technical brilliance of the technique isn’t being shown, and that the band are playing the manic notes because they have to. The style and sound has been done before, and as a result, it just makes the album incredibly boring. There’s nothing to enjoy, as it’s just not technically brilliant in any way. For the most part, it’s just incredibly monotonous and boring. It makes me wonder whether Bullet For My Valentine are just bored of their genre, and simply making music because they have a solid fan-base, and can easily make money from anything they release. If it works, then good for them, but it’s kind of insulting in a way. The whole album just feels lazy and typical, with the band doing absolutely nothing to make the music interesting, and simply just doing the easiest thing they can.

‘Temper Temper’ is an album where there is no substance to the music. Behind the layers of aggression and anger there is nothing at the core of it. It’s just meaningless generic music, that might entertain fans, but ultimately isn’t actually any good. Every single song seems to follow the same generic formula of having heavy guitar, heavy vocals and so on and so forth. There’s no dynamics to the album as it constantly sticks to this formula like glue, as though the idea of doing any song that sounds remotely different ruins the integrity of the band. It’s baffling, as it just means they’ve created an album of 11 identical songs. It certainly presents the band in a poor way, as it just gives off the idea that there’s no creativity to the band members, and no attempt to make anything that is good or interesting.

In conclusion, ‘Temper Temper’ can be seen as just one of the worst albums that has come out this year. It’s just a generic meaningless metal album that has absolutely nothing to it, and is just dull. There’s absolutely no integrity to this album, and every song is to a point, incredibly clichéd. Every possible cliché that is in the genre has been displayed on this album, which is a ridiculous direction to take the music in.  It would baffle me whether fans of the band, let alone fans of the genre, would find anything to enjoy on this album. There’s much better music in the genre out there, that certainly represents the genre in a much better light, rather than attempting to drag it down to the depths of poor music. I would certainly recommend that fans of the genre look to other bands, and just give Bullet For My Valentine a miss. There’d be nothing that would be missed on this album, especially considering how nothing on the album manages to stand out at all.

Album Rating:

  • ★☆☆☆☆ 1/5

Selected Songs:

  • Breaking Point
  • Dirty Little Secret
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4 thoughts on “Temper Temper – Bullet For My Valentine

  1. nickscrazyspace

    A harsh but honest review. I listened to it a while back and just thought “what the hell is this?”

    I did rate it 2/5 and thought I was being nice about it.

    • I wonder if it is perhaps a little too harsh, but I just couldn’t find anything to like on this album. I’ve been listening to Conduit by Funeral For A Friend, and it’s sort-of similar, but better. Like they’ve done it right, and Bullet For My Valentine have done it wrong.

      • nickscrazyspace

        I don’t know how people can like this album. I’ve seen more bad reviews than good, and people who do rate it highly all I can ask is ‘why?’ or ‘how?’

  2. Perhaps because they just don’t want to admit that it’s a poor album?

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