Time Stays, We Go – The Veils

The fourth studio-album by The Veils offers ten new songs that explode onto the scene in full force. ‘Time Stays, We Go’ follows on from the band’s third album release ‘Sun Gangs’, released back in 2009, which seemed to offer a new slant to the band. Since the band’s introduction with their first album ‘The Runaway Found’, it has gone under various line-up changes, with band members leaving and being replaced somewhat frequently. The sole-continuing member of The Veils since the bands’ conception, Finn Andrews, seems to be the driving force of the band, pushing the creative ideas through his peculiar presence in the music. The whole appeal of The Veils seems to be Finn Andrews’ somewhat unique style, with his sometimes visceral vocals commanding the songs.

‘Time Stays, We Go’ is a very welcome record by The Veils. It seems that the coming and going of band members hasn’t drastically affected the sound of The Veils’ music, with the tracks on the album sounding pretty much as good as anything else The Veils’ have produced thus far. It seems that nothing that makes up the appeal of The Veils’ music has been lost on this album. Everything goes from strength to strength, with the music sounding brilliant as an album. Each song compliments the next, and sound like a complete album. There’s a range of dynamics in the songs, with some being somewhat aggressive and manic, whilst others are more gentle. There seems to be an underlying ominous feeling running through the album, which could be attributed to Finn Andrews’ unique vocals. There’s a very visceral quality to how the voice sounds, and yet there’s a beauty in what is sung at times. On ‘Time Stays, We Go’, it seems his vocals are stronger than ever, with it even sounding like like Bowie or Nick Cave at times. Musically as well, the songs are incredibly interesting, with the instrumentals of the tracks working well with the vocals to help build up the songs. It all works incredibly well, and helps to make ‘Time Stays, We Go’ one of The Veils’ best albums so far.

I find that there’s an incredible amount of strengths on the album. It seems that everything that makes The Veils’ work is present on this album. I’d perhaps mention though, that it is a tiny bit disappointing to not hear any tracks on the album that are heavily aggressive. Some tracks on previous Veils albums have been incredibly angry and aggressive, which is a style that works for The Veils’ very well at times. There’s some visceral moments on the album, but nothing that reaches the heights of some of their previous work. It’s not enough to dip the album’s quality down at all, as in fact, it’s absence doesn’t really affect the album at all. It’s just something that I’ve enjoyed hearing on previous albums, and perhaps it would have been nice to have heard some more again. However, for all the strengths that ‘Time Stays, We Go’ presents, it’s not so disappointing as to ruin the album.

Overall, ‘Time Stays, We Go’ is incredibly pleasing. Within the alternative-rock or even indie-rock genre, that is incredibly overdone and rather bland these days, it’s great to hear a band that has their own sound that is presented in their music. Finn Andrews’ unique and beautifully visceral vocals just command the songs with amazing power. There’s an incredible amount of talent in this band, and ‘Time Stays, We Go’ has definitely managed to reinforce the bands as one of my favourite within the genre. I can’t wait to see what directions this band will take themselves in, and what music they’ll be able to produce in the future.  ‘Time Stays, We Go’ is an incredibly strong album, and can easily be called one of the best albums The Veils’ have produced so far, if not at least on par with their previous work.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Candy Apple Red
  • Dancing With The Tornado
  • Another Night On Earth
  • Out From The Valley & Into The Stars
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