Native – OneRepublic

The third studio album ‘Native’ by OneRepublic offers up a lot of conventional pop music that is sure to please basic-pop enthusiasts. OneRepublic’s rise to fame came with the re-release of ‘Apologize’. In fairness to OneRepublic, there was a fair amount to enjoy with their single, with it’s more or less well produced sound, with good instrumentals and vocals. It wasn’t any surprise why OneRepublic was quickly rising to fame, but it seems that they’ve been unable to continue their streak. Whilst OneRepublic aren’t necessarily a bad band, and in fact have a fair amount to offer, it just seems that they’ve perhaps let themselves down by simply going for the easy option.

‘Native’ seems to be a typical pop-album in many ways. Whilst there’s elements that are enjoyable on the album, there’s just too many cliches and fairly uninspired techniques which let the overall experience down. In the past, I’d have attributed the strengths of OneRepublic to their vocals, and the presentation of the vocals through how the lyrics are sung in the various songs. At times, this is enjoyable on ‘Native’, but for the most-part, it’s actually rather dull and boring. In particular, the instrumentals really let down the album, which sound very uninspired. It sounds like everything’s been overdone, without any particular concern to whether it sounds at all interesting. Sure enough, there’s music here that will entertain some of the fans, but for the most part, it’s just incredibly boring music, with there being perhaps one or two good songs, if any at all.

It’s a shame to see bands with potential get caught up into the trap of producing the same type of music that’s always been produced. Musically, this album is barely any different to the styles that have preceded it, and it offers nothing that is at all interesting. It’s a shame, as ‘Native’ does actually get off to a fairly good start. It seems to offer a lot, promising music that is at the very least interesting, but it just doesn’t deliver. As the album goes along, it becomes progressively more boring, with the music sounding more typical and more cliched. It’s a poor effort from OneRepublic, and considering that there are many strengths to the band, it certainly seems that they have let themselves down with this album.

Perhaps I’ve been expecting too much of OneRepublic, which is why ‘Native’ has failed to have any impact on me. I just find that when I listen to some of their songs, it seems that there is a lot of potential to the band, and that they’re completely capable of writing songs that do sound great. It seems they’ve opted for the easiest option here, which I find just let’s the band down, and ruins their integrity. Sure enough, this album will most likely be enjoyed by OneRepublic fans, but as far as music goes, it just isn’t anything special, and definitely nothing new or interesting. It’s a shame, because there’s a lot of evidence on this album, and in the past that OneRepublic are capable band, but ‘Native’ really doesn’t do anything for the band at all.

Album Rating:

  • ★★☆☆☆ 2/5

Selected Songs:

  • Counting Stars
  • I Lived
  • Light It Up
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One thought on “Native – OneRepublic

  1. I agree, when they really go for it instrumentally and add in Ryan Tedder’s gorgeous voice they have something special, most of the album is pretty mainstream. Love Counting Stars though!!

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