In Love – Peace

The debut album by ‘indie’-rock band Peace offers the typical conventions of ‘indie’-rock. It seems that Peace is becoming a quickly-rising band, with their roaring ‘indie’-rock anthems offering a fair amount of enjoyment and entertainment. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with Peace, and their debut album ‘In Love’. It just seems that whilst they’re certainly trying to be a creative band, and offer something to the genre, that they’re just not pulling it off. In short, Peace is barely any different from the ‘indie’-rock bands that have preceded them, and will ultimately follow them in future.

As with most albums of the genre, ‘In Love’ features guitars, bass, drums, vocals and not much else. It’s the typical formula that makes up the genre, and if I am perfectly honest, it is becoming a little tiresome. There’s nothing particularly wrong with Peace as a band, but I just don’t feel that there is anything that great about them either. Even the vocals sound almost cliched, sounding pretty much like the most conventional indie-rock band that is out there. It’s tiresome, because it’s just boring to hear something that sounds the same as everything else. It’s odd as well, that Peace would produce a sound that in essence has incredibly little to offer. It’s enjoyable at times, but it’s nothing too special at the end of the day. To put it harshly, I’d say that if Peace wasn’t in the music scene, then nobody would truly miss them at all.

In terms of their album, ‘In Love’ has it’s moments, but for the most part is fairly dull and boring. There doesn’t even seem to be any integrity or ingenuity underneath the layers of conventional rock music, which makes it even more boring. It’s odd, as there isn’t anything wrong with Peace as a band, apart from the fact that the sound they’ve produced for their first album is incredibly cliched. What little moments there are on the album aren’t enough to lift it out of it’s negatives, which are incredibly obvious on the album. Even the strengths on the album pale in comparison with other bands of the genre. There’s just not enough on here to make it worthwhile or interesting.

Overall, ‘In Love’ is a fairly unimpressive debut. What little there is on the album is let down by a poor effort to produce anything that is interesting. There are many bands who sound exactly like Peace, and there are some who make the ‘indie’-rock sound work well and sound good. Peace just don’t have anything to offer the genre, and thus their debut comes across as a weak and shallow effort that doesn’t achieve any greatness. It may be enjoyable in places, but it just isn’t enough for it to be at all significant or interesting. ‘In Love’ is just essentially, an incredibly forgettable album, with does very little to keep the listener’s interest.

Album Rating:

  • ★★☆☆☆ 2/5

Selected Songs:

  • Float Forever
  • Drain
  • California Daze
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