Paramore – Paramore

The latest album by Paramore seems to be a step up from their previous efforts. It seems that Haley Williams is set upon reinventing Paramore, and thus shifting the direction the band will ultimately be going in. The result is an album that sounds somewhat different from the previous Paramore albums which were full of punk-rock anthems that were certainly crowd-pleasers. The self-titled fourth album by the band seems to demonstrate some slightly more mature song-writing, which seems to come with a loss of the youthfulness that made up their previous efforts. It seems slightly conflicting at times, as on one hand, Paramore as a band, seems to be trying to move forwards in creative ways, but at the same time they seem to be losing a little of what made up their band in the first place.

I feel that ‘Paramore’ as an album departs in some ways from the band’s previous albums. There’s still raucous rock music which has to a certain extent, some punk elements. This was the style that made up the band’s previous albums, which garnered them a lot of fame. Now though, it seems that Paramore might just be a little lost in the world of music, and not sure exactly of what they’re supposed to do musically. The result on this fourth album is a jumble of songs, none of which particularly stand out in any great detail. It’s not terrible by any means, and in fact is fairly enjoyable for some tracks. It’s just nothing particularly great or interesting, which is somewhat of a shame. It seems that there is a sense of trying to mature on this album, and present the band much different from what they’ve done previously, but I can’t be entirely sure if they have managed this at all. All of Paramore’s efforts seem slightly confused on this album, and nothing seems refined or incredibly well thought out.

There’s still some elements to enjoy on the album. It does seem that Haley William’s vocals are still in fine form, if perhaps sounding just a little less raw than what we’re used too. There’s the odd one or two songs on the album which are enjoyable, but they’re nothing incredibly interesting or inspiring. As an album, I can’t help but feel that it is also a little too long, with the music well overstaying it’s welcome as it progresses from song to song. It’s just basic music at the end of the day, and for a band that seems to want to mature a bit more musically, I think continuing to produce music that is a little bit basic is just the wrong move. I can’t imagine a band like Paramore managing to succeed anywhere if they just produce album after album of basic and perhaps boring material. It perhaps won’t lose them any fans, but I can imagine interest in the band being lost.

Overall, ‘Paramore’ is a fairly basic and average album. I admire the band taking steps in new directions, but for Paramore, perhaps more steps are required. There’s just not enough on this album to actually present them in any significant way. Musically and lyrically, it is all fairly average, with just nothing truly standing out. Considering the genre is completely dominated by male-fronted bands, it is refreshing to see certain bands having strong female vocalists. Yet, with the album they’ve produced now, it does very little to push them past anything higher than average. At the end of the day, ‘Paramore’ is just a fairly normal album, that isn’t terrible by any means, but neither is it anything special at all.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Grow Up
  • Last Hope
  • Hate To See Your Heart Break
  • Future


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