Save Rock & Roll – Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy’s fifth studio album is oddly titled ‘Save Rock & Roll’. The album marks the band’s return to music after a few years in hiatus, and is a complete departure from the sound that Fall Out Boy established in their early career. It’s disappointing in a way, not because Fall Out Boy have changed their sound, but rather that they’ve changed it to the exact same monotonous sound that is so overdone these days. It’s a shame, and in some ways, completely bizarre, as it doesn’t sound like rock music in the slightest. The result of this makes me question the integrity of Fall Out Boy’s reunion, and whether or not this isn’t just an attempt to make money, rather than produce some good music for long-awaiting fans.

The first impressions of the album are generally poor in my opinion. The album diverts from the original Fall Out Boy sound in favor for a more generic sound, containing elements of synthpop, electronica and to a certain extent, even some dubstep elements. It’s disappointing, as these tend to be the sound that make up a lot of generic and boring music, and it seems that Fall Out Boy as gone for this sound on their new album, rather than a more mature version of their old sound. It’s a shame, as it makes me feel that perhaps Fall Out Boy are simply looking for a bit of easy money. There just doesn’t seem to be any creativity in the music, which just comes across as weak and uninteresting.

There’s too many problems with ‘Save Rock & Roll’ for it to be a good album. It is just indulgent of all the styles that do not equate to what is rock music, and therefore makes the album just seem tacky and ridiculous. I don’t understand whether or not Fall Out Boy are trying to be ironic with the album’s title, or whether they are oblivious to the genre which their album actually covers. Either way, it really let’s down the bands integrity, as the expectations that the albums’ title gives off are completely let down in the songs on the album. Regardless of the album title though, the actual music on the album itself is just completely disappointing. Vocals seem as strong as ever, but poor instrumentals give the album a generally disappointing tone. I respect bands who attempt to try new things in their careers, but when bands just divulge in the generic sound that makes up a lot of music these days, then it is just extremely disappointing.

Overall, ‘Save Rock & Roll’ is an incredibly disappointing album. There’s clearly elements on the album that will easily be enjoyed by some people, but for me it is just lazy songwriting that is nothing new at all. I figured that when Fall Out Boy announced their reunion  and impending new album, that perhaps they’d opt to broaden their own sound and elaborate on it, and show perhaps a more mature side of the band which would appeal to its old fans. Instead, they seem to have all the immaturity of their old selves, now combined with an incredibly generic sound that really lets the band’s integrity down. In the end, ‘Save Rock & Roll’ will do absolutely nothing to save the genre, and instead will perhaps just embarrass it.

Album Rating:

  • ★★☆☆☆ 2/5

Selected Songs:

  • Miss Missing You
  • Rat A Tat (Feat. Courtney Love)
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8 thoughts on “Save Rock & Roll – Fall Out Boy

  1. Ahh! I am listening to the album right now. I honestly haven’t listened to them in a very long time, and my impression from the first minute was, uh I don’t remember FOB sounding like this…. I am glad I’m not the only one who got that impression. The album reminds me of Adam Lambert. That being said, I liked the album because I didn’t compare it to their old sound. But I agree, it’s not lyrically the best.

    But this also brings up a topic I have thought about, when bands like this completely change their sound, is it fair to keep the same band name?

    • I think it’s fine for bands to change their sound. I mean, look at David Bowie, he’s covered so many different genres in his career.

      What’s annoyed me about FOB is that they’ve opted for a highly generic sound which frustrates me. That’s just my opinion of course.

      • I guess that is what erks me. When bands change their sound to the point that a good chunk of their old fans no longer enjoy them. I feel Bowie changed his sounds to go with the times. Does that make sense?

      • Makes perfect sense. Its whether or not though if the band in question does it creatively, or to just jump on the bandwagon of popular music. I feel creativity is lost completely if the latter is chosen. I always feel creativity is important for an album, and without it, then it’s just… well, nothing.

      • I agree. If you were to make an assumption, what was FOB’s influence? 🙂

      • Influence on this album, or their old sound?

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