Feel EP – Swimm

The debut EP-release by Swimm titled ‘Feel’ offers 6 tracks that help showcase what this new band has to offer. ‘Feel’ showcases a good understanding of what could be described as alternative rock. Swimm seem to have a fair amount to offer the genre, with ‘Feel’ featuring some very good dynamics, and a nice range of pumped-up rock songs to more downbeat and relaxing tracks. It is a fairly impressive debut EP, with shows off impressive song-writing, and impressive musical skills.

‘Feel’ can be seen as an album that falls into the alternative rock genre, or if I dare say, ‘indie-rock’. The truth is that it seems to encompass elements from various genres, rather than a full blown attempt to fall into some specific category. It gives the whole EP a fair amount of dynamics and range, as it shifts from song to song. It is essentially, just good music, and there is a lot that can be enjoyed off of this EP release. Certain songs have enough dynamics to keep things moving. It’s fun to listen too, which forms a lot of the appeal of Swimm as a band. There’s a few songs as well that are much more downplayed, featuring more gentler instrumentals which helps to give the EP much more depth and character. Considering that ‘Feel’ is made up of only 6 tracks, I find it remarkable that Swimm have been able to include songs on the EP that showcase different aesthetics, whilst at the same time giving the whole thing a great flow. 

There is a lot to enjoy by Swimm, but I find that as much as there is to enjoy, they are working within a genre that is very hard to break the molds of. Whilst Swimm certainly have a lot to offer, and can easily be described as being perhaps one of the better bands out there within the genre, they have, at the same time, not really done anything that is incredibly new or different. It’s not really much of an issue, as Swimm’s music certainly does work for them, and they are clearly a very capable band. I just feel that it is something to consider.

Swimm’s debut EP ‘Feel’ is essentially a good record. There’s a lot of strengths to the music, and whilst it is in what I’ve said countless times before, an overused genre, there is enough strengths on the EP to make it work. There’s essentially nothing wrong with the music. It simply works for what it is, and as an EP, it is entertaining and fun for a few songs. It certainly does show off the band, and certainly raises expectations for the debut album release when they finally get around to it. I know I’m certainly interested in hearing what their debut album will sound like.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Wanderer
  • Feels
  • Tsk Tsk
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