Monomania – Deerhunter

Deerhunter’s sixth studio album ‘Monomania’ indulges in an assortment of various genres, ranging from alternative rock to shoe-gazing and so on. ‘Monomania’ is in some ways fairly typical of the releases by Deerhunter, in that it features at times, fairly indiscernible vocals, and many layers of guitar, bass and drums building up to create a mesh of sound that sounds fuzzy and raw. It is typical of the shoe-gazing genre, and whilst it is perhaps a challenging genre for people to enjoy, it seems that Deerhunter are able to work the genre easily to create fairly interesting and creative music.

‘Monomania’ is made up of tracks that are mostly fairly dense, with layers being added in that create a fuzzy wall of sound, which the vocals usually slides into. It’s much like previous Deerhunter releases, but it feels like ‘Monomania’ still tries to create some new ideas within the shoe-gazing genre. The album is surprising at times, in that it features what could be argued as more formulaic and perhaps ‘normal’ songs, which isn’t unknown of Deerhunter, but it is perhaps a little unusual. Normally when I think of Deerhunter, I’m reminded a lot of My Bloody Valentine. Deerhunter is by no means a copy of the band, but the two share many similarities in terms of style and genre. It seems Deerhunter though perhaps try a few more things, and on ‘Monomania’, they have produced some songs that are much more sparse than the dense tracks that make up the majority of the album. The result is an album of mostly show-gazing material that actually works well as an album.

One main problem is how the shoe-gazing genre generally isn’t one that appeals to many people. Often artists within the genre tend to have tracks on the same albums that are awfully similar to each other. Deerhunter technically aren’t any difference in this right, although there has been attempt to have some dynamics on the album by at least featuring some tracks that are definitely different to others. If one was to consider this album within the whole scope of music then it is one that isn’t going to appeal to many people at all. But when it is considered within its genre, then it is in fact a very impressive album with a lot to offer. Fans of the genre may find a lot to enjoy on this album, and fans of Deerhunter should certainly be pleased by this new release.

Overall, ‘Monomania’ is perhaps a polarizing album. It is appealing within its genre, and has a lot that is entertaining. But at the same time, the shoe-gazing genre does fall into a niche in terms of who will enjoy it and who won’t. Regardless though, ‘Monomania’ is simply a good album though. There is simply some great material on the album that fits into the bands repertoire perfectly. There is no doubt that fans of Deerhunter should find a lot of enjoyment from this album, which could just perhaps be one of the best albums Deerhunter have released so far in their career.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • The Missing
  • T.H.M
  • Monomania
  • Nitebike
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