The Only Constant Is Change – Stay Safe

The latest release by Stay Safe is a charming acoustic number, featuring lyrically interesting tracks, some of which have interesting messages hidden behind the lyrics. ‘The Only Constant Is Change’ is a decent sized-EP release, featuring 6 tracks and lasting roughly 23 minutes in length. Stay Safe offer what is a very pleasant listening experience with this EP, with the songs generally sounding gentle and relaxing. There’s a fair amount of talent being displayed by the band, and it is certainly an impressive release.

The main attraction to ‘The Only Constant Is Change’ is the presentation of the music by the band. Stay Safe seem opt for an incredibly relaxed experience. It is a typical acoustic album, with there being… well, acoustic guitars of course. It is follows many of the ideals of a normal acoustic album, with there being a varying of strummed acoustic songs, and ones that opt for the plucking of strings instead. It is a common dynamic for most acoustic albums, and it reminds me much of alternative outfit Great Lake Swimmers. There’s many similarities between the two bands, even down to the vocals, but Stay Safe is distinctly it’s own band. There’s a wonderful craft to the songs on the album, with the main appeal being the simple honesty of the album itself.

As much as there is to enjoy on Stay Safe’s ‘The Only Constant Is Change’, there is one problematic flaw in that the EP itself is slightly repetitive  in that songs seems to be a little to similar in terms of their sound. It’s a shame, as the moments that really work on the album are the ones that show a little more flair. The song’s closing track stands out on the EP, as it seems to just have a little more flair than some of the previous tracks. Even when it goes enters the glorious closer, where the plucking style is replaced by strumming (which is very prominent on the album), it still seems to just work. Other songs seem to be almost the same as each other. There’s still much to enjoy in the songs though, which still display wonderful lyrics and great presentation.

I feel that ‘The Only Constant Is Change’ is simply a lovely record. Even with it’s flaws, it is still just a pleasant listening experience, and is easily something that fans of Great Lake Swimmers will probably enjoy. There’s a honesty to the craftsmanship of the album, and it certainly seems to suggest that there will be more great music to come from this band. I know I in particular will be eagerly awaiting the next release by Stay Safe.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Snakes
  • Bad Omen
  • Illusions
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3 thoughts on “The Only Constant Is Change – Stay Safe

  1. – here is a link to listen to the album in its entirety, and if you’d like, download for free. Or you can pay for it and help support the band.

  2. Just a suggestion (because I use blogs like yours for research for mine). Add the release date or upcoming release date. Sometimes it’s a little harder to find info about smaller bands like this 🙂

    • Ahh, because I always review upcoming albums (or recently released ones) I assume it’s not important. I feel like I’d have to go back through all my reviews and change it! Anyway, I do see your point and from now on, if I know it, I’ll post it. (but where on the page, I don’t know. maybe at the bottom as a footnote or something)

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