Nocturnes – Little Boots

Little Boot’s stunning second album ‘Noctures’ follows up from her 2009 release ‘Hands’. Working under the moniker of Little Boots, musician Victoria Heskerth made a name for herself with her quirky and energetic electronic pop-music. On her latest album, Heskerth shifts what could be described as her normal sound, and divulges in a much more disco-orientated album. There’s a lot of creativity present on the album, and Heskerth seems to have made an album that is an evolution of he previous work. The result on her second album ‘Nocturnes’ is an incredibly impressive effort, that in this day and age of popular electronic music, seems to demonstrate much more versatility and creativity than what is normally heard.

On ‘Nocturnes’, Heskerth seems to indulge in her own style, producing to an extent, a much more darker but equally as enjoyable sound than what was on he previous record. There’s much more electronic treatments on this record, with tracks building up in intensity as more and more layers are added into the mix. The result is usually a rather exciting track, where the many layers each stand out in their own rights, all forming essential layers to the songs. Amongst the electronics are various instruments as well, showing that Heskerth at the very least, understands that electronic layers aren’t always everything. On top of the many layers built up are Heskerth’s vocals, which come in varying intensities in the different songs. At times, it can sound very dark, but there is a dance-element right at the core of the songs. There is something within many of the tracks that simply pumps the blood and gets everything moving, which seems to be exactly what Heskerth is aiming for. She has certainly manged it well, and has easily produced what is her most exciting and fun record yet.

‘Nocturnes’ is simply a great record. It is perhaps a little flawed by the fact that a few of the tracks seem to drag on just a little bit. However, this is barely a problem if it is being played in the right environment  It seems these songs were written and produced in this style for the purpose of dancing and clubbing. All the elements are there to make it so, and thus the lengths of the various tracks are therefore unimportant when it is being played in this respective right. The music itself is simply just entertaining and fun to listen too, as well as being creatively interesting. I find within the genre that there are few bands who are actually thinking about how the music will ultimately sound, and in fact, take little pride in their song-writing abilities. Whilst Heskerth may not be the best lyricist in the world (few people are), she is easily a creative song-writer though, and has displayed an enormous amount of talent on this record.

We could find that Little Boot’s ‘Nocturnes’ to be a chart-topper in the coming weeks. There is everything here for people to enjoy, but there is also a very creative element that I find is often absent in a lot of chart-performing music. ‘Nocturnes’ is an incredibly fun record to listen too, with a lot of versatility and variety in the various songs. Heskerth’s creativity oozes out of the songs she has written, as well as her passion for the music itself. I’d say that Little Boots is well on its way to becoming an incredibly popular artist this year, and her latest album ‘Nocturnes’ will certainly make a lot of impact.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Motorway
  • Crescendo
  • Strangers
  • Satellites

‘Nocturnes’ is Little Boot’s second album, and is scheduled for release on ‘5th May 2013’.

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