(Songs From) The Sandbox – Tessa Rose Jackson

The stunning debut album ‘(Songs From) The Sandbox’ by singer-songwriter is a charming and quirky affair. Made up of 12 songs, the debut release features a charming vocal style, accompanied by pleasant instrumentals that are consistent throughout the album. There’s many stylistic pop elements on the album, combined with element of simple acoustic music (though that isn’t strict on this album). The debut release is akin to artists such as Gregory & The Hawk or even the notable Laura Marling. It is every bit as unique though, with many of Jackson’s creative ideas coming through the songs, and presenting them as her own little creations in music.

‘(Songs From) The Sandbox’ offers what is a fun and quirky experience, which has some relaxing moments thrown in for good measure. Jackson demonstrates a lovely approach to song-writing, with her tracks simply being enjoyable. The album starts off to a fun start, and continues through most of the songs. It is broken up by more solemn tracks, which shows a diversity in the themes Jackson is drawing her writing from. There seems to be a strong focus on the lyrics in the songs, which is what draws the listener towards Jackson’s music. It is also accompanied by great instrumentals that fit the tone and style of the lyrics perfectly. It is simple and honest songwriting and heart, but it seems all the effort Jackson has put into her debut record has payed off and worked. There is a wonderful flow to the album, with each track complimenting each other in tone and style. There’s a wonderful range in the dynamics of the songs, as there is a rise in intensity and greatness in a few tracks, whilst other seems to just float around and bring up relaxing and fun emotions.

Tessa Rose Jackson’s debut effort just works in most respects. It should be said, that it isn’t a perfect album by any means, but within its genre, it demonstrates some lovely song-writing that easily draws the listener in. The album could perhaps be seen as being limited by what could be perceived as a rather simplistic style, but Jackson’s music doesn’t really need to be anything more than what it simply is. The simplicity and honesty of the music is perhaps part of the whole appeal of her debut release, and it is music that is just music, without it insisting on being anything more. There’s a lot that can be enjoyed on the album for what it is, and Jackson really doesn’t need to do anything more than just continue to write good honest songs.

For her debut release, Tessa Rose Jackson has done herself proud with her stunning and gorgeous release ‘(Songs From) The Sandbox’. The gentle, and at times almost humorous style of the album is enough to keep the listener interested. There’s a wonderful craft to the song-writing style Jackson has used for this album, which results in a selection of lovely songs that are simply pleasant to listen too. There’s a wonderful range of different styled songs, combined with a simply lovely and attractive personality that comes through her songs. It would be great to see where this debut release takes Tessa Rose Jackson to in the future. I wish her the very best of luck personally.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Stepping Stone
  • Again and Again
  • 405
  • Mister Carpenter

Tessa Rose Jackson’s debut album ‘(Songs From) The Sandbox’ is available now on Itunes.

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