Second Amendment EP – Pinkunoizu

Pinkunoizu’s latest release the ‘Second Amendment EP’ fuses elements of alternative rock with post-rock elements in an incredibly experimental way. At  just over 30 minutes, the EP could be seen as more of a full-album release (albeit, a short one at that). There’s a lot present on this release, with Pinkunoizu displaying incredibly unpredictable elements to their music. It is hard to categorize the band into any one specific category as they seem to meld together many different styles. Their style gives their latest release an incredible amount of diversity I’d argue isn’t really normally seen in most bands.

With there being so many styles, ‘Second Amendment’ is a somewhat confusing but incredibly interesting EP. The shifts and changes are enough to keep the listener interested in what is going to come next, which is very unpredictable as the EP progresses. There is a vast range in the types of songs present on the EP as well, with some tracks spanning 8 minutes in length, and others lasting barely a minute. Everything seems to keep the listener on their toes, whilst maintaining what is an interesting streak throughout most of the length of the album. Each song seems to have something that is able to draw the listener in, whilst at times maintaining interesting instrumentals, and for a few of the tracks, accompanied by a variety of different styled vocals. It is an interesting release, and it certainly shows off the capabilities of Pinkunoizu who certainly have many different styles under their belt, all of which they’re able to present on the same album with a wonderful flow.

The main problem I find with Pinkunoizu’s EP ‘Second Amendment’ is that certain elements are a little daunting as they continue to drag on. On the EP’s longer tracks, there seems to be certain techniques being used by the band which seem to never leave, and it is during these moments that the EP seems to lose some of it’s steam that it has worked hard to build up. Combined with the sheer number of techniques and styles being used on this album, it makes things at times rather confusing, and whilst it is interesting for most of the album, it seems some of the more longer tracks become uninteresting after a while. It is unknown though if this the band’s intention, but even if it is, it is something that they might perhaps need to work on for their future releases, and perhaps think about each element being used on their albums, and work everything to sound the best it can do.

I’d say ‘Second Amendment EP’ certainly is an interesting, if at times, incredibly confusing record. There certainly are many capabilities to the band which are all being demonstrated by the band, and there is also an incredible amount of talent from everyone involved in the album. I can’t help but feel though that Pinkunoizu might perhaps not really know what style of music they want to do, and whilst this means they are able to create diverse albums which combine many different styles, it might benefit the band to perhaps refine more specific styles. It’s conflicting at times, as I enjoy the fusion by the band, but at the same time, there’s elements on the album that stand out specifically, which I’d love to see the band really refine in future.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Selected Songs:

  • The Abyss Part.II
  • Santur Part.1
  • Santur Part.2
  • Tin Can Valley

Pinkunoizu’s ‘Second Amendment EP’ is set for release 6th May 2013.

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