Rrraah EP – Bodyshakes

The latest EP-release by rock outfit Bodyshakes is a roaring raucous release, featuring classic-rock influenced music that is sure to entertain fans of real rock music. ‘Rrraah’ is a short-release, featuring just 5 tracks and lasting only a little over 15 minutes. It seems though that Bodyshakes only need 15 minutes to show off their talents as a great rock-band. ‘Rrraah’ features heavy crunching guitars, that drive the tracks along at an incredible pace, which are accompanied by what is arguably, not the best vocals in the world, but easily fitting vocals that suit the style of the band in perfect style. Fans of bands such as Clutch and early Black Keys will find a lot being offered by Bodyshakes, who seem to channel everything that is great about rock music through their EP.

‘Rrraah’ features elements of hard-rock and blues orientated tracks that have a lot of crunch to them. It is a little reminiscent of Clutch’s style, only it seems Bodyshakes offer their own slant to the style, with their own sound coming through the style. It’s incredibly enjoyable, and certainly benefits from being played loudly. Musically, the EP is also diverse, with there being a shift in the dynamics being presented on the album. There’s a more gentle and to a certain extent, relaxing track on the EP which helps to break up the EP and give it much more character and shape. The song in question, does contain a roaring moment that brings everything right into play, and it seems to work well on the EP, showing the style that Bodyshakes have opted for their music. It is an impressive EP with plenty to enjoy.

The only real problem I can see with this EP is that it is a little too short. In 15 minutes, Bodyshakes really show off their talents and power through their music, and at the end it leaves the listener yearning for more. This is probably though, exactly the kind of route that Bodyshakes would want to take with their EP, as it serves as a taster for their style, which is easily accessible and will also easily gain the band many fans. It serves as a brilliant taster for what is hopefully, more to come from the band. ‘Rraahh’ is simply a strong and very worthy EP featuring great and heavy riffs that form one of the main attractions of Bodyshakes as a band. All that is needed now is much more material that is equally as heavily deep in the rock genre as this release is.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Buoyfriend
  • Lonesome Lullabye
  • Aye Aye Aye

Bodyshakes’ EP ‘Rrraah’ is available now, and can be streamed and purchased at the band’s bandcamp page here: http://thebodyshakes.bandcamp.com/

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