Somewhere Down The Road EP – Ilias

Ilias’s debut EP ‘Somewhere Down The Road’, released last year back in May, shows us a taster of the gentle style Ilias is establishing in his music. Comprised of four somewhat short tracks, there is simply a lovely element of songwriting present on this EP, showing off very well the talents that Ilias has as a musician and song-writer. The EP is fairly down-tempo, but it is relaxing, and is simply a nice listening experience. It certainly has a lot to offer as well, with it showing off the capabilities of Ilias in fine form. It is in that respect a perfect EP release, as it simply makes the listener yearn for more, and thus gives them anticipation for Ilias’s future releases.

‘Somewhere Down The Road’ has a gorgeous simplicity about itself. It is evident that it is musically anything but simplistic, but it has a simple quality about it that forms a main part of the appeal. It’s style draws the listener in, with the gentle acoustic riffs being accompanied by Ilias’ wonderful vocal style. It is well written and well composed music, with everything on the EP sounding brilliant and having its place. It seems Ilias on his debut EP release hasn’t allowed over-production to ruin the sound of his EP, with Ilias simply letting the gentle use of acoustic and electric guitars build up the layers. There’s nothing on the EP that sounds bad, which makes it a wonderful taster of what Ilias has to offer.

There’s essentially nothing wrong with this EP release. It is short, but EPs are meant to be at the end of the day, and the purpose I see in them is to simply show a little bit of an artist or band, and hopefully engage with the listener to the extent where they’ll be interested in hearing more. ‘Somewhere Down The Road’ does this perfectly, and should certainly make people want to hear more from the artist. It’s well written, with well composed instrumentals that play a very important part on the EP. Combined with Ilias’ brilliant falsetto vocals, it is simply a wonderful EP release with a lot to offer.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • My Girl With Blue Eyes
  • Regret
  • Better Off
  • Somewhere Down The Road

Ilias’ debut EP ‘Somewhere Down The Road’, and his debut album ‘Somewhere In Time’ is out now, and can both be purchased at his bandcamp page at: or

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