The Silent Cry EP – Collapse Under The Empire

The latest EP release ‘The Silent Cry’ by post-rock outfit Collapse Under The Empire features 6 new and exciting tracks. ‘The Silent Cry’ EP shows us everything Collapse Under The Empire have to offer the post-rock genre, which is generally a roaring and powerful spectacle of thrashing guitars, with the occasional gentle instrumental passage. There’s a very cinematic element to Collapse Under The Empire’s music, and it seems that this element really comes through in fine form on their latest EP. There’s an amazing quality to the music that makes Collapse Under The Empire one of the better post-rock bands working in the scene today.

On ‘The Silent Cry’, there is a wonderful array of instrumentals that help break up the album into different sections. There are mostly roaring moments of thrashing guitar, drum and bass which is the norm with Collapse Under The Empire. It seems though that Collapse Under The Empire have combined this with some more cinematic sounding element, such as string instruments, which helps to give a lot more character to the music on the album. It keeps everything incredibly interesting and present the tracks on ‘The Silent Cry’ brilliantly. Everything seems to build up and sounds incredibly hyped-up, as though there’s almost a rushing quality to everything.

The main problem I find with Collapse Under The Empire is the fact that there seems to be little variety on their albums. Whilst a lot of their tracks are incredibly interesting, they seem to fall into a trap of producing very similar sounding material, which in one sense helps the album to flow incredibly well, but on the other side, it makes things just a little dull after a while. This isn’t so much on ‘The Silent Cry’ as with it being an EP release, there isn’t enough material on the album for things to become to boring. I can easily imagine though, that if ‘The Silent Cry’ featured more tracks, that it wouldn’t make for the most interesting of albums. I believe Collapse Under The Empire need to just show a little bit more diversity on their albums, and perhaps branch out their understanding of the genre in order to help them make great sounding albums.

Overall though, ‘The Silent Cry’ is an impressive release, containing some of Collapse Under The Empires best tracks to date. There’s an incredible cinematic element to the album which makes the whole overall experience incredibly exciting. There’s a great energy to the music, making it some of the best post-rock material out there today. ‘The Silent Cry’ might just perhaps be one of the best Collapse Under The Empire releases so far, featuring some brilliant tracks that really come together on the EP in fine form.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • We Are Close As This
  • The Silent Cry
  • Ashfall
  • Shut Off The Lights

Collapse Under The Empire’s latest EP ‘The Silent Cry’ is out now, and can be streamed on Spotify or purchased at the band’s website at:


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