Didn’t It Rain – Hugh Laurie

Actor, comedian, entertainer, and musician Hugh Laurie sweeps the scene with his second album ‘Didn’t It Rain’. Following up from his 2011 debut release of ‘Let Them Talk’, Hugh Laurie shows that one man can certainly have an abundance of talent. ‘Didn’t It Rain’ features most of what was first established in ‘Let Them Talk’, and showcases new blues tracks that is certain to please fans. There are brilliant production values in this album, with the instrumentals in particular being some of the finest to come out of any album in recent times. It is certainly a pleasing album, and fans of Hugh Laurie and his musical side in particular will certainly fall in love with the man once again.

‘Didn’t It Rain’ is an incredibly pleasing album that channels many brilliant elements of the blues genre. There’s an almost relaxed quality to the music, though there’s an element that simply drives it along at a brilliantly almost sludgy pace. There’s brilliant vocals present on the album as well, which form the main crux of the various songs. It’s incredibly enjoyable, with many different qualities shining out of the various songs. It’s an impressive album as well, that doesn’t seem to have many weaknesses as it progresses from track to track. The album itself just doesn’t ever run out of stream, with it simply going from strength to strength. It seems though the instrumentals themselves may be the real star of the album, with every note and every beat being perfect in the presentation of the album itself.

Hugh Laurie’s second album is simply a brilliant album, and there’s really not much more that can really be said. It is an album that just has an incredible amount of strengths to it, showcasing Hugh Laurie’s brilliant understanding of the  blues genre. Laurie himself shows off a brilliant array of talent on this album, and when this is considered alongside his career in the entertainment industry, and all his acting, it’s simply brilliant that he is such an accomplished musician. There’s a wonderful craft to the album, and also an element of sheer fun and enjoyment. It feels like everyone involved on this album has had fun playing on the album, and it really comes through in the music.

Overall, ‘Didn’t It Rain’ is simply a brilliant album. Every element on the album seems to work, which has a wonderful flow as it goes from song to song. Everything seems to accompany each other incredibly well, and the instrumentals themselves are some of the finest and dreamy that I’ve heard in quite some time. It would surprise me whether fans of Hugh Laurie and his music would find nothing to enjoy on this album, as it is simply a brilliant selection of blues tracks. It is certainly on par with his debut release, if perhaps, not better.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • The St. Louis Blues
  • Send Me To The ‘Lectric Chair
  • One For My Baby
  • Changes

Hugh Laurie’s second album ‘Didn’t It Rain’ is out now and can be purchased on Itunes. 

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4 thoughts on “Didn’t It Rain – Hugh Laurie

  1. Nancy

    If you think DIDN’T IT RAIN was such a ‘brilliant’ album, why only 4 stars?

  2. Stephen

    I agree that 4 stars is a good rating – 5 stars has to me something really quite spectacular else it cheapens the point of giving it.

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