Heart Of Nowhere – Noah And The Whale

Noah And The Whale’s fourth studio album ‘Heart Of Nowhere’ offers the enjoyable elements of alternative-rock music that Noah & The Whale have made a name for themselves with. Their latest album features an array of simply enjoyable pop-rock(ish) tracks that are somewhat typical of Noah And The Whale. There’s a fair amount of enjoyable elements on the album, with Noah And The Whales’ simple yet charming talent coming through in fine style in their new album. It is everything one would expect from Noah And The Whale, but it seems like with most of their recent releases, there is an almost lackluster element to the music featured on the album.

On their latest release, Noah And The Whale indulge themselves in their typical style of production, with Charlie Fink’s hazy and and slightly croaky vocals being accompanied by the band, which are then accompanied by orchestral strings and what-not. It’s a style we’ve seen before by Noah And The Whale, and one that was used to brilliant effect on their second album ‘The First Days Of Spring’. On ‘Heart Of Nowhere’ though, the style is more suiting with the direction that was taken on their third album ‘Last Night On Earth’, with the string instruments sounding almost cinematic to some extent. Almost like a romantic comedy film in one sense. It seems to work better on ‘Heart Of Nowhere’ though where a few of the songs are just simply enjoyable and fun to listen too. This is especially in the second half of the album, where everything seems to really pick up and take off, showing Noah And The Whale in their true and fullest.

The main problem I find with Noah And The Whale is their repetitive quality with a lot of the music they produce as a band. Most of the tracks on ‘Heart Of Nowhere’ are somewhat enjoyable, but a fair few just don’t seem to have any impact at all and become instantly forgettable. I can’t help but feel that nothing they’ve written has ever been as truly creative as ‘The First Days Of Spring’ which is still today arguably one of their best albums so far. Everything in the album seemed to work, from the writing, to the performance of the songs themselves. Nowadays Noah And The Whale seems to go for very similar sounding pop-rock songs that are entertaining, but apart from that seems to have little impact at all. Elements on ‘Heart Of Nowhere’ work well, and in fairness, it is arguably a better album than their last. It’s an album that starts off well, then loses a fair amount of steam as it progresses, until it finally reaches the ending tracks where everything picks up again. It’s all right, as there are some good songs at the end, but there’s a lot of fairly average dull songs that need to be sifted through first.

Overall though, ‘Heart Of Nowhere’ is a charming and somewhat enjoyable album. I couldn’t call it Noah And The Whale’s best album yet, but i’d certainly rank it over their previous effort which featured enjoyable songs, but as a whole, wasn’t an enjoyable album. ‘Heart Of Nowhere’ has a fair amount that can be enjoyed, but there’s some elements that aren’t necessarily bad. They’re just not interesting or inspiring. There’s some brilliant moments on the album where everything comes together in fine form, but for the vast majority of the album, there isn’t enough there to make it a great album. It’s entertaining, but just not great.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Heart Of Nowhere
  • One More Night
  • There Will Come A Time
  • Now Is Exactly The Time

Noah And The Whale’s fourth studio album ‘Heart Of Nowhere’ is out now, and can be purchased on Itunes or streamed on Spotify.

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