Modern Vampires Of The City – Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend’s highly anticipated follow-up to their 2010 release ‘Contra’, brings the band back to the music scene in fine form. ‘Modern Vampires Of The City’ showcases a brilliant return to song-writing, with their latest album featuring some of Vampire Weekend’s smartest and most well-written songs. There’s a brilliant style to the album with it being possibly one of the finest albums in a long while to come out of the indie-rock genre. Vampire Weekend display a slightly more mature style on their new album, whilst at the same time still featuring some of Vampire Weekend’s humorous moments that often add character to their albums.

‘Modern Vampires Of The City’ is quintessentially a typical indie-rock record. It surprises me then how appealing and fun Vampire Weekend have made the record sound, in a genre that seems to be displaying many flaws these days. Vampire Weekend themselves aren’t without their flaws, but it seems everything they’ve worked for on ‘Modern Vampires Of The City’. The album features many elements that Vampire Weekend have established over the years, whilst containing many new and more mature elements. There seems to be a lot of thought that has gone into the song-writing process, as well as the album’s production, as each song seems to have it’s own place in the overall shape of the album and giving it its character. It’s amazing to see a band come along as much as Vampire Weekend have, as there’s a great sense of understanding on their latest album, which seems to be arguably one of their finest albums to date.

Their latest album does contain some elements that might perhaps polarize people’s opinions of the album itself. Vampire Weekend seem to have opted to use certain effects in some of the songs that at times are little cheesy to some degree. Certain moments are enjoyable to an extent, but I find that Vampire Weekend are demonstrating much stronger song-writing than normal, that these little moments could be replaced by perhaps better instrumentals or vocals. In one way, it does provide an element of fun that is present on the older albums, but with their slightly more mature instrumentals and writing style, would have been lost to some extent. It is to some extent polarizing, as there will certainly be fans who will be swayed by the fun-style of the songs, but I feel that others might perhaps prefer the more mature sound and wish for it’s presence on the album to be much more than what it is.

It seems though, that Vampire Weekend have produced a brilliant album, that will certainly please old fans and invite new fans. Vampire Weekend seem to have demonstrated a brilliant understanding of progression as a band, without the loss of integrity as well. Their latest album features elements both new and old, making it at times a more mature, but equally as fun album as their previous work. It is certainly a brilliant return to music, and seems to suggest there will be many more great things to come from Vampire Weekend as a band in the coming future.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Obvious Bicycle
  • Hannah Hunt
  • Finger Back
  • Ya Hey

Vampire Weekend’s third studio album is set for release on May 14th 2013.

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