Your Lies Will Dig Your Grave EP – Kyle Shevlin

The latest release by Kyle Shevlin titled ‘Your Lies Will Dig Your Grave’ is an incredibly emotional and at times, somewhat dark, musical EP. The singer-songwriter shows some real creativity with his short selection of songs that really show off a lovely style. There’s a simple element to the songs, with gentle instrumentals pushing the tracks along as Shevlin then presents his lyrics. It’s one of the simplest forms of song-writing, but Shevlin shows a real talent for the style, with his voice and lyrics providing a lot of appeal. ‘Your Lies Will Dig Your Grave’ certainly presents Shevlin as having a lot of talent as a song-writer, and as a performer.

‘Your Lies Will Dig Your Grave’ features somewhat conscious songs, discussing themes that feel important to Shevlin. There’s many elements that Shevlin has used on this EP that help present it as a brilliant EP. The whole EP flows brilliantly, with each track sticking to a specific style that helps the EP navigate around it’s various stories in a comfortable way. There’s a very powerful emotional element to the EP, with a lot of the songs sounding somewhat sad and down-beat. It works well for Shevlin, as the songs are brilliantly presented to bring out the best in these emotions. It gives the whole EP a brilliant shape and character that feels as though it is something personal to Shevlin. There’s some brilliant instrumentals in the music as well, with Shevlin singing over the top with his wonderful and deep lyrics.

Kyle Shevlin’s latest EP is simply a brilliant release. There isn’t a weak song on the EP, which certainly shows off a lot of talent of Shevlin. Concerning the EP’s nature and tone, it may not appeal to people who prefer more upbeat and generally, happier songs. But those who simply enjoy expressive and emotional music will find a lot to enjoy on Shevlin’s latest EP. ‘Your Lies Will Dig Your Grave’ is a brilliant display of talent and emotion, and is certainly a very worthy EP. It is definitely something Shevlin should be proud of. All I ask is a full-album now, and one that displays just as much emotion and craft as his latest EP.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • The Way I’m Supposed To Cry
  • Their Smiles Are Telling Lies

Kyle Shevlin’s latest EP ‘Your Lies Will Dig Your Grave’ is out now, and can be streamed or purchased at Shevlin’s bandcamp page available at:

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One thought on “Your Lies Will Dig Your Grave EP – Kyle Shevlin

  1. Hey, I just wanted to thank you for the very kind review. Thought I’d give you a little more info if you were interested. This EP is a concept album based on the book of Job. Every song is written from his perspective, with some creative flair and a whole lot of Biblical plagiarism thrown in. You can actually read about my writing process in this essay if you’re interested: Also, my debut, full-length album can be found at Once again, thank you so much. Really appreciate the review!

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