High EP – Suddenly There

The debut EP by pop outfit Suddenly There showcases the band’s style of acoustic-derived music, whilst combining with some experimental ideas that make up Suddenly There’s interesting sound. Their debut EP ‘High’ features an almost ‘folk’-like element of songwriting, which is then mixed up with some experimentation that is ultimately the style Suddenly There are hoping to present as an upcoming band. There’s many elements on ‘High’ that seem to work, and certainly seem to suggest that there will be some interesting music to come from the band. However, there are particular elements present on ‘High’ that seems to just fall flat completely. 

Suddenly There makes use of what could be described as a simplistic style of song-writing, with their music featuring the use of acoustic guitars and vocals. It’s fairly charming for the most part, and it shows that the duo has a style that simply works to suit their own needs. The EP certainly suggests that there is something to this band, with the music being fairly enjoyable and somewhat fun. There’s elements of pop present on the album, which gives the album a charming feel. There’s a playful element to the album, with the music often taking little twists and turns into different and sometimes, unexpected directions that keep things interesting. For most parts of the album, it works but it seems other parts don’t. One particular playful and experimental part features a lengthy spoken-word section that sounds like an attempt at rapping. It seems ill-placed on the album, and it simply just doesn’t seem to work either. It’s place on the album is somewhat jarring, and it ruins the flow of the album which, up until this point, was working well, even with the unexpected surprises. It’s a shame as it really lets down what could have been a very enjoyable EP.

Suddenly There’s debut EP ‘High’ certainly does have its charm in some ways. It is to some extent just a little bit average in terms of how it sounds, though it does demonstrate some good ideas which would be interesting to see utilized on a full-album release. ‘High’ will certainly please a few people, and will most likely earn the upcoming band some fans, but it is a little underwhelming in some senses. The moments that really work on the EP don’t really seem to be enough to counter-act against the moments that don’t really work at all. It’s an entertaining EP at times, but it isn’t anything that is particularly special. 

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Sea To Sky
  • English Bay

Suddenly There’s debut EP ‘High’ is out now, and can be purchased at the band’s bandcamp page at: http://suddenlythere.bandcamp.com/album/high

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