Kids In L.A. – Kisses

The latest album by synth-pop duo Kisses titled ‘Kids In L.A.’ is in many ways a fairly typical and standard synth-pop record. on their latest album, the band offer lush melodies, accompanying bass riffs and generally what could be described as an incredibly standard experience of the synth-pop genre. It seems though that Kisses to at least have a good understanding of what can work in the genre, and what can be classed as dull, as their latest album seems to work on many different levels, and remains a fairly fun and enjoyable record featuring brilliant pop melodies accompanied by lo-fi vocals.

On ‘Kids In L.A.’, Kisses showcase their brilliant understanding of the pop-genre, utilizing it to create a great album featuring many grooves and moments. There’s some wonderful musical moments, where bass guitars accompany electronic synths to create layer upon layer of music that works brilliantly. When all combined with lo-fi sounding vocals, it sounds almost typical of the genre, but it seems to simply work well in Kisses’ case, whose music comes across as simple yet enjoyable. It also feels like Kisses haven’t tried any cheesy or cliched tricks in their music, which would simply lower their integrity. Their music is just simply enjoyable for what it is, which is simply enjoyable synth-pop tracks.

The only main problem with ‘Kids In L.A.’ is it’s repetitive nature as the album progresses. It seems to be a main negative attribute of most synth-pop albums, and one that very few bands can seem to truly avoid. It’s a somewhat annoying element of most synth-pop albums, and it is slightly frustrating that Kisses’ haven’t avoided it either, considering that the vast majority of songs on ‘Kids In L.A.’ are actually fairly enjoyable, and certainly place them above most others in the same genre. The repetitive nature of the album isn’t truly enough to really ruin the overall album experience, it is simply one that just adds a fairly disappointing element to a few songs.

Kisses’ certainly show off many strengths as a band though with ‘Kids In L.A.’ being a somewhat flawed, but fairly enjoyable album. There’s a fair amount of material on the  album that just remains enjoyable and fun, whilst at the same time, sounding just that little bit inventive. The album is riddled with common cliches of synth-pop, but at the same time, it is a style that Kisses’ have managed to make work for themselves, and has resulted in a better-than-average album. The lo-fi sounding vocals on the album work well at accompanying the instrumentals, making it simply put, a good album. It is a good and enjoyable album, and it has just earned a 4-star rating. Though that should be taken with just a little pinch of salt.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Up All Night
  • At The Pool
  • Bruins
  • Adjust Glasses

Kisses’ 2nd album ‘Kids In L.A.’ is out now, and can be purchased on Itunes. 

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