Good Things End EP – Tangled Memories

The EP release ‘Good Things End’ by Tangled Memories combines elements of traditional ambient instrumentals with element of electronica and trip-hop to create what is arguably an incredibly harrowing experience. The EP release features 5 tracks that build up layer and layer of incredibly dense sounding instrumentals that paint incredibly dark pictures. Accompanying the darkness are indistinguishable vocals that fall in amongst the layers of instrumentals as though it was always a part of them. It is an incredibly interesting independent release, and one that demonstrates some incredibly interesting ideas at work.

On ‘Good Things End’, the EP opens up with traditional ambient element, with sounds washing into the framework and lulling the listener in the dense-sounding instrumental. It’s traditional ambient sounds that’s akin to such artists as Brian Eno or Stars of the Lid. However, Tangled Memories have their own style at work, and combine other electronica elements to give themselves their own sound. It’s an incredibly interesting experience as it is ambient music that isn’t technically all that ambient. There’s element of trip-hop at work, which seems to form the main frame-work for many of the tracks, whilst a the same time blending together many different elements. It is an incredibly interesting listening experience, and one that works incredibly well.

The main problem with ‘Good Things End’ is the almost deceptive element of Tangled Memories’ music. The ambient opening seems to suggest a dark yet peaceful listening experience, which is then violently interrupted by percussive beats that showcase the EP’s true sound. It’s technically playful in some ways, though to some listeners, it might be somewhat confusing at first. It might take a while for Tangled Memories’ sound to start making sense, but once it does, it become incredibly rewarding. There’s a lot going on in the tracks, with the sounds building up brilliantly to create very dark visions. It is in ways, typical of ambient music, but it is also experimental in many other ways.

Overall, ‘Good Things End’ is an incredibly interesting EP release. It certainly showcases brilliantly the talents and the style of sound by Tangled Memories, which seems to blend together elements to create something that is just a little bit different. It might not be totally unique in some ways, but there is at least a creative element at work, with the band trying to create something that isn’t the same as everything else within the various genres the band has blended together. It might be to some degree, a somewhat polarizing EP release, with the appeal to people being very limited. However, people who enjoy creative music with brilliant ideas will find ‘Good Things End’ a highly rewarding EP. Providing of course one enjoys the various genres at work.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Prisoners
  • Putting Me On
  • Nightly Wounds

Tangled Memories’ latest EP release ‘Good Things End’ is out now, and can be purchased at the band’s bandcamp page at:

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