Spooky Roller Disco EP – The Spills

Within the ‘indie’-rock genre, there is an incredible amount of scope for creativity, with there being options for creativity and ingenuity. Bands have the capabilities of offering something new to broaden the scope of the genre. It seems most people in bands opt for the easiest option of just doing the bare minimum in order to get by. It’s why there’s so many bands out there that fall flat with their music, as it just offers absolutely nothing new. However, I’d argue that there is another option in music than just being new and inventive, and that is simply having your own appeal in the music you create. Some music is good just because it is, even if it doesn’t really do anything incredible or new. If you haven’t guessed by now, The Spills’ latest EP ‘Spooky Roller Disco’ is exactly this, with there being something really good about the music, but nothing that is inventive or different.

Some bands just happen to pull these kinds of things off, and they earn there place in the various genres as good bands that just work. I kind of feel that most of these bands have to earn that respect though, and that in the independent scene, it is important for there to be something that stands out. The Spills though, don’t seem to do anything incredibly ingenious or inventive, and yet their latest EP is an incredibly catchy and stand-out EP, containing some simple yet brilliant music. There’s loud crashing guitar lines, accompanied by vocals that strain to the point of breaking at some points. At various moments some brilliant guitar solos accompany the crashing drums and bass guitars, and it in essence, just works incredibly well. ‘Spooky Roller Disco’ is simply a great EP, featuring some brilliant alternative-rock music that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Tony Hawks’ pro skater soundtrack.

The bare basic elements of the EP just work, giving The Spills a lot of appeal. There’s an incredible amount of energy underneath the layers of dirty sounding guitars. The EP certainly gives off the sense that the bands’ live performances are probably incredibly charged and loud performances. It’s simply brilliant, and surprising as everything sound completely amateur at the same time. There’s nothing wrong with this though, as the amateur sound can work in some occasions, and in The Spills’ case, it works incredibly well. The EP is of course, flawed in places, with a few nicks here and there needing to be cut out or rearranged. It seems though, that many elements work on the EP to make it a brilliant sense of what the band is capable of.

I wouldn’t hesitate to call the band amateurs, as they are within the independent genre. However, I use the term amateur to simply describe that the band hasn’t broken into mainstream success, and are not professionals at the moment. Beneath all the layers of dirty sounding clanging guitar lines, and fuzzy guitar riffs, crashing drums and cymbals and booming bass, there is something lying there that simply gives the band an incredible amount of appeal. Something is exuding from the band that simply makes their music work in its own respective way. It is music that isn’t necessarily trying to do anything special, and it honestly doesn’t need to either. Whatever it is The Spills has that’s working for them, it is clearly working. They honestly don’t need to do anything more than continue to be themselves, and let their music simply be their own. ‘Spooky Roller Disco’ is simply an incredible, roaring, loud and brilliant EP, that seems to bring up the true essence of what the indie genre is really all about.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Gretna Green
  • Going Back To Missoula, Montana
  • Long Weekend

The Spills’ latest EP ‘Spooky Roller Disco’ is out now, and can be purchased on Amazon.com or at the bands’ bandcamp page available at: http://thespills.bandcamp.com/

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