Once I Was An Eagle – Laura Marling

Watching the maturity and range of talent from certain musicians, from their first album to their latest, is always a refreshing thing to see. Especially when the musician in question continues to advance in a way where their music becomes much more creative over the years, showing off the incredible talent as it matures and blossoms. Laura Marling in particular is one such musicians, whose albums have seemingly become more and more mature over the years, offering some incredibly emotive and creative music that seems to just get better with each album produced. On Marling’s latest album ‘Once I Was An Eagle’, we see the musician crafting one of her most delicate and poignant albums so far in her career.

Marling has shown some amazing talent and creativity over the years, as well as an outstanding amount of maturity with each album she releases.  There’s a fair amount of artists who over the years, when they’ve attempted to show maturity have seemed to just fall short. Marling though, embraces each coming year, and seems to add every experience together in order to craft personal songs that are wonderfully presented. Her latest album features wonderful instrumentation that is delicate and gentle for the most of the album. Marling lets her voice present her lyrics and stories, letting her own natural talents come out easily. It’s in some ways, the typical singer-songwriter formula, though for Marling, it is simply perfect as it all just comes together brilliantly on her album.

I’ve sometimes felt that Marling is able to produce some wonderful songs, but the overall album experiences tend to fall flat at times. On ‘Once I Was An Eagle’, each song contributes to the overall album experience brilliantly, with there being few weak moments. The only flaw I find on the album is the running time, with there being one or two songs too many on the album. Each song works well on the album, though people mind find it hard to commit an hour of their time to listening to each and every song. It comes down to people’s attention-spans at the end of the day, though it still remains a problem when the album is considered with a wider-audience. It’s only a flaw for those who simply can’t manage the long running time, which is a shame as it is arguably one of Marling’s best albums to date.

‘Once I Was An Eagle’ is a near-perfect album. Over the years, Marling’s style has shifted with each album, slowly morphing herself into the person she is today. It’s wonderful to see a musician as talented as Marling manage to progress in the way she has, whilst being able to produce great albums. ‘Once I Was An Eagle’ is perhaps one of Marling’s greatest albums so far in her career, featuring some wonderful songs that are delicate, lovely, and at times just a little bit dark as Marling is known to do sometimes. It’s a refreshing album, that just pushes Marling further and further down the right path.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • You Know
  • Master Hunter
  • Undine
  • Saved These Words

Laura Marling’s fourth studio album ‘Once I Was An Eagle’ is set for release on 27th May 2013 in UK, and 28th May 2012 in US/Canada.

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