Desire Lines – Camera Obscura

Beginning with the band’s debut release ‘Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi’, which was released back in 2001, and continuing right up to the present day, Camera Obscura have remained one of the leading bands in the indie-pop genre. Exuding dreamy melodies which accompany equally dreamy lyrics, Camera Obscura have an incredible amount of appeal which all comes down to their sound produced as a band. Their latest album delves straight into what they, as a band, know best, and feature once again, dreamy tracks that float merrily along lovely-sounding guitar lines and driving drum beats that never pound the songs into submission. It is a style that many bands working in the indie-genre seem to attempt to do, though one that few bands really manage to make work.

Camera Obscura demonstrate once again their brilliant understanding of musical composition, with their latest album ‘Desire Lines’ simply being one of their best albums in their career so far. It is the perfect companion to their previous four albums, with the sound not deviating so radically from their older albums, and instead working almost like a continuing follow-up to their previous work. Few bands seem to really make one specific style of sound work for them constantly in their career, and thus it is remarkable how Camera Obscura have been able to make their dreamy melodies work every single time with every single one of their albums. ‘Desire Lines’ is very much a typical Camera Obscura record, with it being much of the same kind of style we’ve come to expect of the band. Though considering how dreamy and wonderful the music makes us feel, it is something we can easily forgive Camera Obscura for, as it is simply something that works for them, without it coming across as lazy or unimaginative. ‘Desire Lines’ features brilliant songs that flow incredibly well into each other, with the instrumentals accompanying the dreamy vocals wonderfully. It is arguably one of Camera Obscura’s best albums so far,and easily one of their best complete album packages so far.

There’s simply many elements to ‘Desire Lines’ that works well, though it can be seen as a huge drawback, the fact that Camera Obscura haven’t really demonstrated anything truly new on their latest album. It gives off the sense that Camera Obscura’s music has to be taken with a pinch of salt, as every album sounds similar in many ways. This might polarize some fans of Camera Obscura, as there may be the odd person or so who is waiting for Camera Obscura to drive out something that is new and unexpected of them. The same fans may argue that the band are one of the few who aren’t really trying to advance in their careers, and are simply playing it safe by producing the same sounding material over and over again.

‘Desire Lines’ though, is easily one of Camera Obscura’s best albums to date. The similar sounding material is something that can be forgiven in the band’s case, as their sound is one that simply works for them, and sets them aside from many bands working within the genre, as it simply comes across as honest and full of integrity. There’s many elements to Camera Obscura as a band that simply works, even when it really shouldn’t. On ‘Desire Lines’, the band demonstrate what is perhaps some of their best material so far, with the album featuring brilliant song after brilliant song. It is a brilliant album that fits in wonderfully with the band’s discography.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • This Is Love (Feels All Right)
  • Cri Du Couer
  • Fifth In Line To The Throne
  • I Missed Your Party

Camera Obscura’s fifth studio album ‘Desire Lines’ is set for release on 3rd June 2013.

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