Plastic Visions EP – Plastic Visions

Side-projects can at times, show certain musicians truly indulging in musical styles that aren’t sometimes associated with them. Even solo projects offer this, and it seems that the main purpose of a side-project is to allow artists to express themselves in a way that can be conveyed with the band they’re a part of. In the case of Plastic Visions, musician Brad Shultz of Cage The Elephant, steps into the forefront with his debut release by his new band project, allowing himself to indulge in musical styles that Cage The Elephant was perhaps preventing him from doing. It seems though, in the case of Plastic Visions, and their self-titled debut EP release, that Shultz has created a project, that manages to completely fall flat, offering nothing interesting or impressive.

Cage The Elephant seems to be one of those bands where there’s enjoyable elements, with their music featuring some really pumped up and almost comedic indie-rock anthems. It seems Plastic Visions have gone down the exact same route, suggesting that Shultz simply wants to just do the same thing, but in his own way. It’s understandable in some ways, but the result on their debut EP is a garbled mess that fails to deliver on anything that is truly interesting. Everything seems pumped up to the nth degree, without it ever really going anywhere. It’s almost boring, with everything just coming across as uninspiring. With this being Brad Shultz’ project, independent from anything he has had ties to in the past, why has he opted for the easy option of producing a sound which is in many ways identical to many other bands out there? The EP release for Plastic Visions works as the first impressions of this new band, but the first impressions are incredibly poor based on the sound being produced by the band. There is very little being offered here, making Plastic Visions a bad unworthy of any recognition.

‘Plastic Visions’ is an incredibly forgettable EP release, that fails to really serve any kind of purpose. It comes across as an incredibly self-indulgent piece of work that doesn’t offer anything that is really worth listening to, making it an incredibly poor debut release. It is hard to even work out at this point whether a full-album release will even be something worth keeping an eye on. From the first impressions based on the debut EP, it seems to suggest that a full-album release would simply be an even more indulgent piece of work, parading around thrashy guitar elements and raging vocals that amount to incredibly little. ‘Plastic Visions’ is simply a poor EP release, that suggests nothing interesting from this new band.

Album Rating:

  • ★☆☆☆☆  1/5

Selected Songs:

  • None

Plastic Visions’ debut EP ‘Plastic Visions’ is out now, and can be purchased from the band’s bandcamp page available at:

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