Start Stop Worrying – The Shaking Sensations

The post-rock genre is one that seems to be under scrutiny by various bands, including those who seem to use the genre, but also on where some incredible bands display incredible instrumentals. Whilst some bands dismiss the label itself, it seems to just be a simple way of categorizing bands who create instrumental rock music, though perhaps the term ‘instrumental rock music’ is more appropriate at times. It is a genre that is to an extent, not as well known as others, though one that features some of the most extraordinary instrumentals that can be heard. The Shaking Sensations’ second studio album ‘Start Stop Worrying’ is one that indulges brilliantly in the genre, showcasing the bands understanding of the conventions of instrumental rock music in terms of performance and presentation.

On ‘Start Stop Worrying’, The Shaking Sensations offer a true performance, showcasing their brilliant talents as an instrumental rock band. The album begins brilliantly, indulging in quiet moments that slowly build up until it crashes in with incredible crescendos. It encompasses the many conventions of post-rock music, though it is pulled off brilliantly by The Shaking Sensations. There’s a wonderful diversity to ‘Start Stop Worrying’, as the various tracks all demonstrate various levels of intensity. Tracks move in and around quiet moments and loud crashing moments, giving the album a brilliant shape as it progresses along its story. The Shaking Sensations have many elements that work for them, with their lengthy instrumental tracks exuding brilliant ideas and concepts, all of which is told through the power of the instrumentals, and the names of the tracks themselves.

The main problem of the post-rock genre is that it is very hard for bands working within the genre to really set themselves apart from others. Many bands seem to produce the same style of sound, with there being very little difference between each band in question. It is arguably a limitation of the genre itself, as vocals seem to form part of the identity of a band, which is absent in the genre. The Shaking Sensations seem to fall into the trap themselves, but what they have going for them is their pure energy and brilliant talents as musicians which presents their album brilliantly. Whilst it is arguable that The Shaking Sensations might not have set themselves apart from such post-rock bands as Explosions In The Sky or Mogwai, they still have a lot working for them as a band, and are certainly worthy of some recognition.

‘Start Stop Worrying’ is a worthy post-rock album, and one that is certainly a cut-above the average post-rock album. There’s a phenomenal force behind the album, which pushes it along at a brilliant pace that speeds up and slows down. It certainly showcases the bands talents as a post-rock band in brilliant style. Each song works brilliantly on the album, with there really being no truly weak moments that ruin the overall album itself. Each song fits well on the overall shape and character of the album itself, which all compliment each other and flow well. It certainly suggests brilliant things to come of The Shaking Sensations, and more brilliant material to come from them in the future.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Rocket Summer
  • We Ourselves Alone
  • Anchors
  • Heavy Entity

The Shaking Sensations’ second album ‘Start Stop Worrying’ is out now, and can be purchased digitally at the band’s bandcamp page available at:

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