Ex-Infant EP – Ex-Infant

At times, there’s something charming, or at least interesting, with truly independent artists, who simply create music in their free time for their own enjoyment, and then release it for the hell of it. It makes sense in some way, if one doesn’t really care how people are going to perceive their music, so long as one or two people enjoy it. In terms of Ex-Infant, and his self-titled EP, there seems to be a clear lack of care for the EP itself, implying that Ex-Infant just ‘doesn’t give a fuck’. What has been produced is a 6-minute EP, featuring 5 tracks, all of which are under two minutes long, and all of which seem to just display self-expression in a disinterested way.

There’s an amusing element to ‘Ex-Infant’, in that it is an EP that sounds so raw and so amateur, that it forms the appeal in some weird and bizarre way. Ex-Infant’s style of music is one that incorporates simplistic beats, which remain in the background whilst the foreground is occupied by screaming vocals, punctuated by stabs of other instruments at various times. There seems to be little thought to structure or sound on Ex-Infant, with tracks just blasting forward, heading off in no direction at all. It seems like the ramblings of someone whose taken half-formed ideas, and simply ran with them with whatever was available at hand. The simple fact of the matter is that Ex-Infant musically, sounds like crap, with each of the 5 incredibly short songs sounding like each other, and barely deviating at all. It’s harsh, but the simple fact of the matter is that this is music that isn’t going to impress people. However, the EP is, in some weird way, appealing because it is crap. It is bizarre, but the amateur style is in some ways appealing, and at the very core of ‘Ex-Infant’, is something that seems to come across as expressive, albeit, in an incredibly angry and visceral way.

‘Ex-Infant’ isn’t a release that is going to impress anyone. However, ‘Ex-Infant’ seems to come across as anti-music, whose purpose is to not be enjoyed, and if that is the case, then it means Ex-Infant has achieved what he was aiming for with his independent release. It is either a smart release, or an incredibly lazy one. Either way, it can’t be denied that there is some mild appeal to Ex-Infant, who at least displays some very confusing form of creativity, and a lot of self-expression. What surprises me though, is how I don’t find Ex-Infant to be an incredibly terrible album, and that it has at least earned points for whatever it is that is appealing. Though what it is, I actually have no idea.

Album Rating:

  • ★★☆☆☆  2/5

Selected Songs:

  • 2 done w/u
  • hole patrol
  • shave the moustache and MAYBE we’ll talk

Ex-Infant’s self-titled EP is out now, and can be streamed & purchased at the following website address: http://ex-infant.bandcamp.com/

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3 thoughts on “Ex-Infant EP – Ex-Infant

  1. this is my album! thank you haha i wrote this when i was drunk and sad all the time i felt like it kinda embodied that. the production quality sucks but making that album was the best way to vent at the time thank you for reveiwing this though! i got soo stoked to see this haha. i gotta new single up too

    • Hey there. Thanks for the comment. I really hope the review didn’t offend you, but after listening to your album on a whim, I just had to give it an honest review! If you ever do another album, be sure to give me a shout. I’ll give you another review

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