Doug Paton EP – Doug Paton

The singer-songwriter format is one that seems to be incredibly popular, and incredibly accessible to those looking to get involved in music. It’s a somewhat standard format, that is only really limited by the talents and creativity of the artist in question. Only those who have no charisma at all, and have nothing interesting to say, fall short and show weaknesses within the genre. In Doug Paton’s case, the upcoming musician shows off a wonderful creative style, both lyrically and musically, all of which is presented in 5 songs on his debut self-titled EP. Paton showcases a charming style that is gentle and lyrically interesting, all of which comes together brilliantly on his first EP release.

The ‘Doug Paton EP’ contains all of the fairly typical and to some extent, simple, styles of the singer-songwriter format. There seems to have been an emergence of these in the last few years, with some notable singer-songwriters being Ben Howard and Jake Bugg. The standard for the style certainly seems to have been elevated in the last few years, but it seems that all one needs is some simple honesty in their music. Doug Paton seems to come across as some genuine person, with there being some seemingly honest intentions with his music. It is simply charming and nice, and certainly draws you in as the EP progresses. The EP itself is one that is a wonderful introduction into the style of Doug Paton, as it is enough to gain a certain understanding of him, whilst also making you want more. It’s the simple purpose of the EP releases, and one that works well for Doug Paton. The main problem I see with Doug Paton’s music is that with there being so many singer-songwriters out there, is it enough to just be nice? Doug Paton’s music is enjoyable, and entertaining, but I wonder whether or not it is enough to strive above those who have preceded him. In fairness to Doug Paton, it is hard to tell on a debut EP release, and an album release will certainly paint the full picture for us.

The ‘Doug Paton EP’ is a charming, somewhat simplistic, but ultimately rewarding EP release, featuring gentle and enjoyable instrumentals combined with Doug Paton’s lovely style of performing. There’s enough on here to decide whether or not one likes or dislikes the music, and I for one find it to be very enjoyable. The music itself is just nice, with there being some sense of Doug Paton’s personality coming through with the music. It is early to make predictions about Doug Paton’s success, but I can’t help but feel that perhaps some will come to Doug Paton, and that he might be a name to keep an eye on in the coming years. I’d say all the young musician needs to do is just continue to be himself, and let his music do the talking for him.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Young
  • All Or Nothing
  • Eyes Open

Doug Paton’s debut EP release is out now, and can be purchased on Itunes, and ordered at Doug Paton’s website available at:

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