The Weight Of Your Love – Editors

Editors seemed to be one of the indie-rock bands who were right in the forefront around five or so years ago. Bands like The Killers, Razorlight and Editors themselves, seemed to be storming the music scene with indie-rock albums. Then everything arguably faded away, leaving the bands in the hands of their fans. Subsequent albums by these various bands seem to display some ingenuity, but never quite reach the heights of their greatest moments. It’s satisfying then, when a band in particular seem to produce an album that is just worthy of their repertoire, and also reminds us why we fell in love with them in the first place. Editors’ fourth album is one that does just that, being (perhaps) one of their most rewarding albums so far in their career.

I’ve felt that Editors were one of those indie-rock bands who had an incredible amount of appeal, with Tom Smith’s baritone vocals providing incredible performances both live and on studio albums. There have been many enjoyable songs by Editors, though I’ve never warmed to their albums as a whole. Whilst there’s a great number of enjoyable songs, it seems their whole albums fall short, with the inclusions of songs that just fall short overall. Editors’ latest album ‘The Weight Of Your Love’ is perhaps one of their first to not fall short on every song, and instead is an incredibly interesting listen throughout. Editors seem to combine all the various styles they’ve learnt over the years into one big sound that features indie-rock anthems and dark synth-pop tracks, making a very diverse and interesting album. It is arguably one of their best since ‘An End Has A Start’, though it is perhaps ultimately more rewarding.

‘The Weight Of Your Love’ is by no means perfect though, and whilst it may be arguable one of Editors best albums so far, it still falls short just like many of their previous releases (albeit, it doesn’t fall as short). A few tracks on the album, whilst perhaps being interesting to some degree, seem to not fit in the overall structure of the album itself, and instead become a little forgettable as it progresses from track to track. I only find it frustrating considering that Editors are clearly capable of writing great songs, but they’re never consistent in writing great songs that last an entire album length.

Editors can still say they’ve done themselves proud, and have certainly shown a lot of progression since their earlier work. It is interesting how ‘The Weight Of Your Love’ seems to be a return back to Editor’s roots in music, whilst also featuring many of their new styles they’ve learnt over the years. In fairness to Editors, they’ve worked it well, creating an album that seemingly spans a few genres, but manages to combine them all with a great flow. There’s a lot to enjoy on ‘The Weight Of Your Love’, which should please fans of Editors, both of their old style, and their somewhat newer style.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • The Weight
  • What Is This Thing Called Love?
  • Nothing
  • Two-Hearted Spider

Editors’ fourth studio album ‘The Weight Of You Love’ is set for release on 1st July 2013.

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3 thoughts on “The Weight Of Your Love – Editors

  1. nicksalbumreviews

    Great review.

    I’ve been looking forward to this album for quite a while, and to know that it returns to their older sound — as you pointed out — I shall be purchasing it soon.

    Thank you.

  2. Echorich

    I have come to despise the term “indie” over the last 30 years…have there really been any “indie” bands or sounds since 1985 when Post Punk gave way to the chart rock and pop? Sure you’re indie if you only play to and sell to a region like Seattle or Portland. But once you get on the radio and sell everywhere you are indie no longer. If “indie” is just a way of saying bands that can’t chart or are not playing to the general public, that’s one thing, but it seems to me to be a term used to say “not The Rolling Stones or Metallica – or any band that might make it on mainstream radio” and that makes it a derogatory term.
    Editors have always put their own spin on their idol’s sounds – be it Joy Division, Echo & The Bunnymen or The Chameleons. Tom Smith has a classic voice and the band is one of the tightest going. They have always followed their muse and I figure they always will. What I’ve hear of Weight is very promising to this fan’s ears.

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