Rudy Warman Demo – Rudy Warman

Self-expression is one of the main keys in the singer-songwriter format, for without it, you simply end up with an album of material that has no real means or direction. When singer-songwriters perform material that expresses themselves, it gives their music the appeal that makes it simply listenable. The demo by Rudy Warman, featuring 5 tracks, seems to communicate the ideas and feelings of himself, making it a great forerunner for what is inevitably more to come. Whilst there is an incredibly amateur sound to the material on the demo, it still expresses some nice ideas that will hopefully become the core of Rudy Warman’s debut release.

Rudy Warman’s demo tape serves the brilliant purpose of showing us what he has to offer the music scene, and the singer-songwriter genre. Rudy Warman’s demo opens up with gentle acoustic melodies accompanied by his own voice. Much of the demo follows in the same suit, and to some extent it isn’t very different from what we’d expect in the genre itself. However, Rudy Warman’s style makes the music itself very appealing. There’s some nice diversity in the tracks as well, as a few offer gentle and relaxing experience, and others offer a more built up and energetic experience. The demo is certainly limited by the fact that is simply a demo tape, meaning that everything is tinged in a lo-fi and amateur sound. The amateur sound does limit the capabilities of Rudy Warman’s expression on his demo tape, meaning Rudy Warman himself has to push his own talents as much as possible. The demo is certainly nice, if perhaps limited by the amateur sound. What is encouraging is that this particular area will instantly be improved once Rudy Warman gets around to producing his first debut release.

Rudy Warman is definitely on the right track. His demo tape is certainly above the average cut of singer-songwriter performances, and certainly demonstrates some nice talent at work. There’s some very charming and nice songs on the demo, making the whole demo tape a very nice experience. It certainly presents a taster of what the sound of Rudy Warman will be, and hopefully we’ll get to hear a much more fleshed out and versatile version. Right now, Warman simply needs to expand upon his sound and continue to be a hard-working musician. Hopefully we’ll get to hear a debut release from the musician, which will show us the true capabilities.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Lullaby
  • Heaven In Your Eyes

For more information on Rudy Warman, visit the website:

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