Baby Alpaca EP – Baby Alpaca

Building up gorgeous layers that create somber and delicate sounds, Baby Alpaca demonstrates a wonderful style of song-writing on his 4-track self-titled EP. Elements of indie-pop and gentle rock all combine to make somewhat ethereal layers that seem to be some of the strongest parts of Baby Alpaca’s music. The EP uses four tracks to simply introduce the wonderful style being created by Baby Alpaca, coming in like a gentle storm of deep music. Baby Alpaca uses many techniques on the album to really bring out his own strengths in terms of song-writing and composing. It is an impressive EP, and one that makes one wish for more when the album finally ends it’s four-track journey.

‘Baby Alpaca’ opens up with a gentle, yet harrowing sound that throws the listener straight into the almost ethereal journey that is being created. At times, everything seems just a little bit dark and emotional, yet each element is blended together perfectly to create what is a dark yet gentle listening experience. It is a wonderful EP, and one that showcases Baby Alpaca’s style in fine form. There is a lot to enjoy from the music, which builds up haunting layers in fine form. Although it sports a vocal style that is perhaps a little unusual, it certainly adds a lot of depth to the music itself, which both compliment each other brilliantly. It is a vocal style that might perhaps be a little polarizing, though it it utilized in a very artistic way. It could be argued also, that Baby Alpaca does have a slightly repetitive quality to his music, and the downbeat elements to the music make it a very daunting experience to those who perhaps enjoy more upbeat music. I find though that enough artistic and creative elements come through on the EP to simply make it a wonderful little album that showcases Baby Alpaca’s wonderful style in fine form.

‘Baby Alpaca’ is certainly a strong EP, and it leaves the listener yearning for more when it ends it’s short musical journey. It seems to be the main purpose that any EP should serve, and it is one that Baby Alpaca does in brilliant form. There are many enjoyable elements coming through in this music, that certainly paves the way for whatever more will hopefully come. Although there seems to be a rather hauntingly dark element running throughout the EP, it is one that simply works with the style Baby Alpaca has gone for, and one that is incredibly enjoyable if the music is appealing to your tastes.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Wild Child
  • On The Roam
  • Run With You

Baby Alpaca’s self-titled EP is out now. 

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