Search Beneath Earth – Mobility Chief

Mobility Chief offer up a somewhat reserved post-rock experience (or instrumental rock to those who abhor the post-rock label). Their latest piece of work titled ‘Search Beneath Earth’ showcases some brilliant ideas and techniques, and features some brilliant tracks, making it a great album of instrumental rock music. Mobility Chief’s style seems to be somewhat more reserved than most bands, with the whole album experience not completely indulging in the thrashing guitar elements of so many other post-rock bands. It’s refreshing to hear something that is a little bit different, and it certainly gives a lot of strength to Mobility Chief as a band.

‘Search Beneath Earth’ features 5 tracks, ranging from 5-7 minutes each in length. In many ways, there’s the typical elements and nuances of post-rock music, though it seems that Mobility Chief have tried to put their own slant on the whole genre by offering up their own musical experience. The album opens up brilliantly with ‘Immersion’ which showcases their style brilliantly, though also doesn’t reveal all the secrets and offerings straight off the bat. There’s brilliant guitar hooks and lines which punctuate through the songs, sometimes interrupted by brief interludes of silence. It gives the track, and in some regards, the whole album some brilliant flair and character, and makes it a simply interesting album to listen too. The album itself seems to go from strength to strength as it offers up more and more with every coming song.

There’s a lot to be enjoyed by Mobility Chief, and although they’ve strayed away from the common ground of post-rock music, by not completely over-indulging in thrashing elements and what-not, it does seem that they have fallen into the other common trap of producing an album where each track is somewhat similar. It seems most post-rock bands have this difficulty of offering true diversity and range with their albums. There’s even the element of a few of the tracks dragging on for a little bit too long, but I find this particular element comes down to simply how enjoyable one finds the music or not.

Overall, Mobility Chief have produced a brilliant album, that is certainly great to listen to. There’s a great story going on underneath the layers of instrumentals, told purely through the instrumental music itself. It may not be as emotional or as heart-tugging as some of the leaders in the post-rock genre, but it is to some extent every bit as interesting. There’s certainly a large number of strengths at work here, and Mobility Chief definitely have a lot to offer, and have definitely already started to do so.

Album  Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Immersion
  • Acquiring Minds
  • Tailfeathers
  • Ether Way

Mobility Chief’s latest album ‘Search Beneath Earth’ is out now, and can be purchased at:

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