Collapsible Lung – Relient K

Relient K’s seventh studio album ‘Collapsible Lung’ seems to stray away from what could be described as the norm of the pop-rock band, and instead dives headfirst into pop-rock ideals, creating an incredibly fun and accessible album. ‘Collapsible Lung’ seems to be a simple yet playful album that just flutters around typical pop-sensibilities, combined of course with rock elements as well. It is in many ways, a very playful album, and one that seems to stray just a little bit away from what Relient K have done in the past. There’s enjoyable elements on the album, and a few good tracks as well, but for the most part, it seems just a little bit childish and immature for it to be a really good Relient K record.

On ‘Collapsible Lung’, Relient K seem to launch headfirst into many simple yet effective sensibilities of pop-rock music, offering up a rather fun and enjoyable record. ‘Collapsible Lung’ opens up with an almost roaring yet fun and bouncy opener, featuring very typical instrumentals that are hardly surprising, especially within the genre the band has opted for on this album. Relient K have opted for pop styles on ‘Collapsible Lung’, which creates music that is accessible and enjoyable. It is admirable in some respects, that Relient K have opted to try new things on their latest record, and are also not letting their style become stale. Their latest album indulges brilliantly in the pop-rock styles, showing how easily they have been able to incorporate new genres, styles and ideas into their already existing sound.

Where ‘Collapsible Lung’ falls flat is in it’s simplicity, in that it offers very little to the audience. Whilst it demonstrates a good understanding of pop-rock styles and ideas, it simply doesn’t have enough to offer to make it a good record. It seems just too simple and perhaps a little boring for it to be a really good record at all. It’s a shame, as previous works by Relient K have shown a great understanding of song-writing and composition, and now on their latest record, all this seems to have fallen flat, with there being very little going on, and very little that is truly interesting. Everything seems more like a step back rather than a step forward, which compared to Relient K’s previous work, is incredibly disappointing.

‘Collapsible Lung’ is possibly one of 2013’s more disappointing records. It does feature some very enjoyable and fun tracks, but there’s very little that is inspiring or, for the use of a better word, awesome. Relient K have produced what is simply a dull and uninspiring record, that doesn’t push forward the capabilities of the band. Everything seems to have taken a step back, from the instrumentals, to the vocal style, as well as the song-writing from the band itself. There’s not enough on ‘Collapsible Lung’ for it to be a very good record, and instead, Relient K might have let themselves down, with what is possible one of their poorest records to date.

Album Rating:

  • ★★☆☆☆  2/5

Selected Songs:

  • Don’t Blink
  • Disaster
  • Sweeter
  • Collapsible Lung

Relient K’s seventh studio album ‘Collapsible Lung’ is out now. 

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