Herself – Herself

The latest album by solo-artist Gioele Valenti, working under the moniker titled ‘Herself’, is a self-titled effort featuring sublime tracks falling into what could be described as an alternative-rock genre. Valenti utilizes his talents as a singer-songwriter and presents what is a well crafted and great sounding record, featuring Valenti at the forefront of the fray, backed up by great musicians who compliment Valenti’s style brilliantly. The self-titled album is one that just sounds sublime at times, with the talent of Valenti being immediately obvious as the record begins. It is marred though by certain weaknesses which seem to bring the overall album down though.

‘Herself’ is a rather lovely record, with it being Valenti’s fourth record released under the moniker. Considering that he has opted for more layers in the tracks on this album, fleshing out the established sound from his earlier records. The result is an album that sounds warm and inviting, featuring some of Valenti’s greatest talents as a song-writer, whilst also elevating that bit more to make it that bit more better. It seems fitting that Valenti has opted to go for a self-titled release, as it seems that ‘Herself’ is almost a new chapter in Herself’s discography, with new elements, ideas and practices being introduced. The overall album features a nice variety of tracks, ranging from gentle tracks to more faster ones, whilst all the time still feeling sublime and gentle. To put it simply, it’s just a lovely record.

One of the main weaknesses though that Valenti seems to have gotten himself into is the simple practice of having tracks that seem all to similar to each other. Whilst there is some variety in terms of dynamics and tempo, the actual sound of the various tracks seems to be somewhat repetitive as the album progresses. It’s a shame, as the album’s strong start seems to enter into more lackluster territory with each song as less and less is offered. It is a shame, considering how much is clearly on offer by Herself in the few tracks that are very good.

Overall, Herself  has produced what is a lovely sounding album, that is just nice and enjoyable. It is let down by common mistakes found within the genre, though in the overall scope of things, it doesn’t really matter at all. The album is inoffensive, and simply just nice. It might not be the most impressive album in its genre, let alone in music in a broad sense, though it doesn’t need to be either. It is an enjoyable album, featuring nice songs that have a nice craft about them. It might not amaze, but it will definitely be enjoyable.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Strangler Who’s Me
  • Here We Are
  • Outside The Church
  • Luna Park

Herself’s fourth self-titled album ‘Herself’ is out now. 

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