Peninsula – Vinyl Floor

Divided up into two sections, ‘Peninsula’, the latest album by Vinyl Floor, is a great concept album featuring stories and ideas surrounding themes of Utopia and Dystopia. Vinyl Floor demonstrate some brilliant and impressive song-writing talents with their latest album, whose themes run throughout, creating a brilliant story that inhabits an intriguing world. Vinyl Floor seem to have pulled out all the stops, working to create an album that is both musically interesting, and intriguing in its themes and ideas. There’s a lot going on by Vinyl Floor, with ‘Peninsula’ simply being an incredibly impressive and interesting album, featuring brilliant tracks, song after song.

‘Peninsula’ features twelve tracks, with the first six exploring themes of Utopia, whilst the second half explores themes of Dystopia. The album’s themes run strong throughout the album, giving it the shape and character that Vinyl Floor seem to have been aiming for. There’s some interesting elements features in the songs, which, when combined with Vinyl Floor’s musical style, makes for what is a very intriguing album. Vinyl Floor’s style is interesting in that it is perhaps not the best in their field, but it just simply works for what it is they want to create. Everything the band has done on the album seems to work incredibly well, with there being little to no weak moments on the album. Each track works in presenting the overall story. Vinyl Floor’s alternative rock style seems to call up elements of punk-rock and instrumental rock, creating what is a musically vibrant album.

Many elements on the album work well in the overall presentation of the themes and ideas. It is an impressive album, and one that is certainly a cut above the average standard within the genre. If there’s any faults to be found with Vinyl Floor’s latest album ‘Peninsula’, it could be found in the slightly repetitive quality in a few of the songs. Within the albums’ two sections, there’s certain ideas or musical motifs which seem to be repeated within the specific sections. In some ways, it works for the album, in that it presents ideas of Utopia and Dystopia rather well, though in another way, there’s an almost frustrating element in that there’s not much else that could be happening.

Overall though, Vinyl Floor have done themselves proud with their latest album, which combines brilliantly well thought-out themes and ideas, and intriguing and interesting instrumentals which compliment the album’s themes. It is a well produced album an one that is very impressive, especially within the genre it is working within, which has often seen poor quality or just general lazy music with nothing to offer. Vinyl Floor seem to have thought out how the album is going to sound and look, and really pushed themselves to make it happen, making ‘Peninsula’ a very impressive album, and one that Vinyl Floor can definitely be proud of.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • What Lies Ahead
  • Diverging Paths
  • Force You Through
  • Dumbfounded

Vinyl Floor’s latest album ‘Peninsula’ is out now.

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