Now Is The Time – Green Diesel


The debut album released last year, by the Kent-based Green Diesel, titled ‘Now Is The Time’ is perhaps one of the more exciting folk albums to have come out in recent years. Following on from their EP release ‘Kings At Sea’, Green Diesel’s first full-length albums sees the band polishing their many strengths, and entering the scene with a wonderful array of folk tracks, all of which just sounds honest and nice. It is easy to recognize the level of talent that is going into this record, as Green Diesel seem to have pulled out all the stops and produced a brilliant debut effort that perfectly shows off everything they have to offer as a band.

Utilizing the many strengths of the folk genre, Green Diesel display their own talents and ideas, offering up what is an incredibly rich and enjoyable album experience. The album opens up with the brilliant ‘Fire & Wine’, which introduces the audience to the style of Green Diesel in perfect style. From there on, the album seems to just go from strength to strength, with every song complimenting the next as the album progresses from track to track. There’s wonderful dynamics on the album as well, as energetic performances from the band members. There’s many strengths on the album, and a nice variety of tracks as well, ranging from fast and energetic tracks to more reserved and gentle ones. It is a well crafted album, and one that is very enjoyable.

There are very few weak moments on the album itself. Everything just seems to work well in terms of presenting an overall album experience. There also seems to be a nice sense that everyone on the album is enjoying themselves, and enjoying the creative process of writing and performing their new songs. The only thing I find with ‘Now Is The Time’ is that certain songs that I find most preferable, display a style that isn’t used as much as others. In fairness to Green Diesel, the songs selected for the album all work well in presenting a clear genre and style.

Overall, ‘Now Is The Time’ is a wonderful debut effort that perfectly shows off everything Green Diesel have to offer. It is easy to see why this band is on the up and coming, as their music just speaks for itself. ‘Now Is The Time’ is a wonderfully enjoyable record featuring well written and composed tracks. Each band member brings something of their own to the band, making for a great album full of great material. Hopefully, there’ll be more to come from Green Diesel, and they’ll continue to improve as they’ve done so before. All that there is to do now is to simply spread the word out, about this great upcoming band.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Fire & Wine
  • The General’s Lament
  • Unjust William
  • Rosemary Lane

Green Diesel’s debut album ‘Now Is The Time’ is out now, and can be purchased at:

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