The Spark & The Fire – Leftover Cuties

The lovable album ‘The Spark & The Fire’ by jazz-pop band Leftover Cuties offers up an incredibly enjoyable and simply adorable listening experience. Elements of jazz music are interwoven with conventional pop styles, to create what sounds simple, but is a very effective music style. On their latest album ‘The Spark & The Fire’, Leftover Cuties pour heart and soul into song after song, giving an album that is full of character and flair. It’s playful, bouncy, and above all else, a lot of fun. There’s a lot working for Leftover Cuties as a band, whose latest album is just lovely in every way.

On ‘The Spark & The Fire’, Leftover Cuties indulge their own particular flairs in the jazz and pop styles of music. There’s a lot of elements of jazz in the music, with pianos and drums taking the forefront of the music, and then accompanied by slightly unconventional yet effective vocals. All of it though seems to be presented in a pop-music format, making the album sound just fun and happy. Musically, the album is strong, with the instrumental of each of the various songs working well to present the overall themes. Nearly everything Leftover Cuties have attempted on their latest album has seemed to pay off, making ‘The Spark & The Fire’ simply a great album.

The only nagging negatives that can be found with this record is the simple repetitiveness of a few of the songs, in terms of the instrumentals they each share.  There’s not as much diversity between the instrumentals as one might hope for, and after a while things can seem a little bit more dull as the instrumentals seem to repeat over and over. All that is needed is more diversity in the instrumentals themselves, rather than featuring incredibly similar formats in the songs. It’s not enough to have a highly negative impact upon the record’s performance, though it does seem to stand out as one of the only things that could be wrong with this record.

Overall though, ‘The Spark & The Fire’ is a highly enjoyable record that is just a joy to listen too. The fun and bouncy instrumentals and vocals make for an incredibly happy and fun listening experience. There doesn’t seem to be many (if any at all) down moments on the album. Normally, I’d argue that albums that are just oozing to the brim of happy-go-lucky tunes get boring after a while, though for Leftover Cuties, it seems the particular style just works for them. One can only hope that Leftover Cuties never loses touch with that spark of happiness. Or fire of happiness, you can take your choice.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Thick And Thin
  • Clarity
  • What’s The Matter?
  • Everyone

Leftover Cuties’ latest album ‘The Spark & The Fire’ is out now, and can be purchased at:

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