Solo Piano Collectibles – Gerald Krampl

Musician and song writer Gerald Krampl follows on from his previous release ‘Wonder Way’, with a new collection of re-recordings. Going across most of his career, Gerald Krampl reworks a lot of his songs into solo piano compositions all played on a gorgeous Euterpe Piano, whilst also offering three brand new compositions. ‘Solo Piano Collectibles is pretty much what it says on the tin, with the album compiling a number of Krampl’s songs. These re-recordings offer at times, a very interesting and new perspective on some of Krampl’s many compositions. Some of which work, others which regrettably don’t.

Solo piano collectibles seems in many ways to be Krampl’s expression of love and adoration for the gorgons Euterpe Piano, which Krampl has used to compose a great deal of his songs for many years. The piano itself adds a much different perspective to many of his songs, with the timbre and resonance of the piano simply adding something different. Its simply gorgeous at times, with the music coming to life in the piano itself. The highlights on the album seem to be Krampl’s latest compositions, which feature a gorgeous beauty that has been so prevalent in his many compositions. Each of the songs selected for the record itself seems to work well, each flowing brilliantly into each other, to present the album in fine form.

As gorgeous as it is to hear Krampl’s reworkings of many of his classic tracks, it seems that a few of them just don’t resonate the kind of beauty and awe that the album’s stronger tracks do. It’s not disappointing, but it seems that perhaps a few songs could be replaced with some of Krampl’s stronger ones. Luckily for Krampl’ though, the selection he has ultimately chosen is enough to present the sheer beauty of the piano used for the album. It’s a strong album, and one that seems to just be a wonderful presentation of music as an art form.

Krampl has easily produced what is a lovely and delicate record. It feels much like a tribute to the art of music in the broadest sense. Krampl’s reworkings offer a fragile beauty that has the power to soothe or haunt, depending on how it feels. Its also a wonderful demonstration of the capabilities of the piano itself. Considering the strength of the record, it would be wonderful to see Krampl compose and produce a full album of new material played entirely on his Euterpe Piano. It might be a little bit unorthodox, but considering the strength of ‘Solo Piano Collectibles’, it is one that would most likely be one that works.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Angel Walking By
  • Tomorrow, Come What May
  • Cascade
  • Regrets

Gerald Krampl’s latest album ‘Solo Piano Collectibles’ is out now, and can be purchased at:

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